Terranova Security Introduces Click and Launch Cyber Security Awareness Training

oday, Terranova Security, the global partner of choice in security awareness, introduced its Click and Launch solution, dedicated awareness and phishing training bundles that only take minutes to launch, saving companies time, labour and money. Organizations can now deploy world-class cybersecurity awareness training faster than ever and keep sensitive information safe from cyber threats. 

The easy-to-use, out-of-the-box offering enables organizations to deploy security awareness training in just a few clicks. The training features high-quality content that is both engaging and cost-effective. With these powerful, budget-friendly bundle options, security professionals can use pre-configured training campaigns and phishing simulations to save valuable time and resources.​ 

The Click and Launch bundles, named Champion and All-Star, supply many benefits that help change employee behavior and build a security culture, including: 

  • Easy-to-use content – Each Click and Launch bundle requires only a few minutes to get started. This level of efficiency saves organizations lots of time normally spent on creating, deploying, and supporting training campaigns. 
  • Powerful, engaging training campaigns – The Terranova Security pre-built training campaigns feature real-world phishing simulations along with diverse reinforcement tools. This way, any organization’s workforce is prepared for various cyber attack scenarios and understands how to safeguard sensitive data from threats. 
  • High-quality training experiences – Click and Launch builds off the tremendous value of other Terranova Security products by using over 20 years of industry expertise. This results in a powerful learning experience for businesses to support their goals and needs. 

This offering is built to be budget-friendly for organizations and is available as multilingual content. For an even more straightforward, hands-off approach, organizations also have the option to add Managed Services to their Click and Launch bundle of choice. 

Being an official Terranova Security partner is simple and profitable. Terranova Security partners get access to dependable, powerful security awareness solutions, comprehensive partner training and certification, special offers that drive new opportunities, and tools and resources designed for business growth. 

For more information, visit the Click and Launch page on the Terranova Security website

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