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Uber Canada And The Forum Partner On Free Programming For Self-Identified Women Entrepreneurs

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To celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Uber Canada and The Forum announced The Forum Growth Series – new programming for self-identified women entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. This programming will support 500 entrepreneurs through free, half-day programs that cover everything from scaling and growing a business, to digital marketing and profitability. Programming will be offered virtually, with unique programs designed for both English and French entrepreneurs. 

The Forum Growth Series is part of Uber’s ongoing commitment to provide new learning opportunities and resources for drivers and delivery people on the Uber platform. 74% of drivers and delivery people describe their hours on the platform as part-time, and they take advantage of the flexibility on Uber to focus on other projects—starting a small business, building a career, or helping them and their families get ahead. Through investments in learning and education, Uber has been focused on helping people get more out of working on Uber both on and off the road. 

The Forum was a natural fit for a partnership, as their mission is to help women entrepreneurs access the resources & community they need to thrive in business. The Forum Growth Series will bring in industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs to connect with participants via live sessions and share their knowledge. The Forum will also offer additional access to 12 months of 1:1 mentorship, access to weekly calls with other women entrepreneurs, and access to a sharing platform where entrepreneurs across Canada can connect, ask questions, and share knowledge.

This programming builds on work done earlier this year, including a partnership with Rosetta Stone so that drivers and delivery people can learn a new language for free. Uber also rolled out letters that drivers and delivery people can download that describes the work they’ve done while using the Uber app. The letter is on Uber’s letterhead and can be used as evidence of their experience in job or other applications. 

Registration is now open, with programming going live in February. Women entrepreneurs can sign up here. This programming is open to self-identified women drivers, delivery people, restaurateurs or their family members. 

ESET Business Bundles Launch On Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace 

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ESET, a global leader in Internet security, is now offering its business-focused protection bundles on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.  

The ESET PROTECT Cloud series helps businesses of all sizes protect their sensitive information and data, with a cloud-based console for managing ESET security solutions deployed in a network with real-time visibility into both on-premises and off-premises endpoints.  

The console allows IT administrators to deploy ESET security solutions, execute tasks, enforce security policies, monitor system status and quickly respond to problems or detections on managed endpoints across all platforms, including desktops, servers, virtual machines and even mobile devices. In addition to integration for security information and event management (SIEM) tools, comprehensive reporting, and a fully customizable notification system, ESET PROTECT Cloud allows IT administrators to take immediate action against incidents. 

To ensure businesses of all sizes are equipped with the right solutions, ESET PROTECT offers a selection of subscriptions tailored to the specific business needs of home offices, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), managed services providers (MSPs) and enterprises. These cloud-based security bundles include: 

  • ESET PROTECT Entry — An endpoint protection platform for file servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices.  
  • ESET PROTECT Advanced — A bundle that includes endpoint protection, a cloud sandbox and full disk encryption.  
  • ESET PROTECT Complete — It includes all that is in the Advanced bundle, plus cloud applications protection.  
  • ESET PROTECT Mail Plus — Protection for email and a cloud sandbox.  
  • ESET Dynamic Threat Defense — An add-on cloud sandbox available to all ESET Endpoint customers to protect against ransomware, targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks and other sophisticated malware schemes.  
  • ESET Cloud Office Security — Advanced protection for Microsoft 365 applications, including spam filtering, anti-malware scanning and anti-phishing.  
  • ESET Enterprise Inspector — An add-on Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) available for all ESET Endpoint customers that detects advanced persistent threats, stops fileless attacks, blocks zero-day threats, protects against ransomware and prevents company policy violations.  
  • ESET Secure Authentication — A multi-factor authentication (MFA) tool.  
  • ESET Full Disk Encryption — Encryption system for disks, partitions and entire drives.  
  • ESET Mail Security for Linux Server — Blocks all spam and malware at the server level before they reach users’ mailboxes. 
  • ESET Security for Microsoft Sharepoint Server — Available per user or per server, it offers protection for all Microsoft Sharepoint products.

All business subscriptions include either an on-premises endpoint management solution (ESET PROTECT; formerly ESET Security Management Center) or a cloud-based one (ESET PROTECT Cloud), along with ESET Endpoint Security by default. For customers looking only for email security, ESET also offers an ESET PROTECT Mail Plus subscription.  

The ESET PROTECT Advanced subscription was designed with the needs of SMBs and also MSPs in mind, while the ESET PROTECT Enterprise subscription is geared toward large organizations, where deep visibility and rigorous security requirements are essential. The subscription offers the highest value for mature enterprise customers with one of the most powerful endpoint detection and response solutions on the market – ESET Enterprise Inspector, currently manageable only from ESET PROTECT.  

By providing rule-based detection of suspicious events happening on endpoints, as well as threat hunting and remediation capabilities, this subscription ensures that emerging threats, risky employee behavior and unwanted applications are not putting organizations at risk. 


California Pizza Kitchen Pwned….. Data For 100,000 Is In The Wild

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California Pizza Kitchen has experienced a data breach which left 100,000 employee and former employees Social Security numbers exposed. CPK said it learned of the “disruption” to its systems in September, and determined it to be a breach by October 4th. A notice of the breach was not sent to the Maine Attorney Generals office until November 15th. Which is a problem of course.

Ayal Yogev, CEO and Cofounder, Anjuna Security had this to say:

Like other orgs, CPK is no doubt doing everything they can.  But it is also clear that the complexities of protecting inherently vulnerable data are overwhelming.  Business must demand a new data security paradigm:  Data must protect itself.

This isn’t a trivial breach and much more has to be done to stop this sort of thing from happening.

Cloud Security Investigations End Up With Negative Outcomes Most Of The Time

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New research from ESG and Cado Security reveals 89% of 150 companies surveyed have experienced a negative outcome in the time between detection and investigation of a cyber-attack on their cloud environments. Research further revealed it takes an average of 3.1 days to begin an investigation of a known cloud breach after data capture and processing. Other key findings include:

  • 74% of security professionals say their organizations need additional data and context to conduct forensics investigations in cloud environments.
  • 64% say it takes too much time to collect and process data to perform a timely investigation.
  • 35% of cloud security alerts are not investigated.

None of that is good if your purpose in life is to make sure that your organization is as secure as possible.

Saumitra Das, CTO and Cofounder, Blue Hexagon has this comment:

This is very important research and a key issue we see within organizations. Cloud security has too often been left to developers and ops people who are not security experts. There is too much focus on hygiene and hardening despite the fact that a fully hardened cloud with no misconfigurations is a very hard goal to achieve. As a result, organizations do not even have visibility into an attack, both when it is happening or for incident response and forensics. There needs to be renewed focus on cloud threat detection and response and not just posture assessment and hardening. In addition, cloud security alerts need to be prioritized so the most egregious problems get fixed otherwise there will just be a deluge of tickets to be worked on which then explains the 3.1 days.

The key here is not 3.1 days but whether the important problems are fixed in hours and the less risky ones fixed over time.

Hopefully organizations read this research and alter the way they approach security in relation to the cloud.

Guest Post: Mobile Game Developers Are Discovering Female Audiences: 3 Popular Games by Nordcurrent Feature up to 81% of Female Gamers 

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Browsing social networks can be addictive and can cause feelings of inadequacy and isolation, even depression, say mental health professionals. However, when it comes to mobile gaming, the situation is not so dire. On the contrary, used in moderation, it could help people boost positive well-being, according to various sources

Traditionally considered a domain for men (around 63% of mobile gamers in the U.S. are men, for example), mobile gaming developers are recognizing a new trend: more and more women are joining the world of gaming. Nordcurrent, an international publisher and developer of casual games for smartphones, has shared their top games that have captured the attention of female audiences, as well as key reasons behind their growing popularity. 

Top three female-oriented games 

The newest game of Nordcurrent, a fashion-inspired Pocket Styler with 8M downloads in the first few months since its launch, is the most female-oriented game of the company, with female gamers making more than 81% of its users. The game allows players to become real trendsetters in the fashion industry. All it takes is to create a unique avatar, which enables gamers to go on shopping sprees, expand their wardrobes, choose hairstyle and makeup, as well as mix-and-match millions of different clothing combinations. The game has attracted a more mature audience, with almost 25% of players being 45 years or older, while 25-44 olds make up more than 43%.

The most popular game of Nordcurrent, Cooking Fever, has also caught the attention of the female audience, as 79% of players are women. The game helps to better understand what it takes to run a restaurant, starting from ensuring a pleasant customer experience to juggling multiple tasks at the same time and employing the best time management tactics. For example, one of the in-game tasks is to set up the kitchen and improve the interior to increase the restaurant’s performance. Cooking Fever has already collected over 350M downloads. Currently, its main user base consists of 16-24-year-olds, which make up almost 50% of all players, and 25-44 olds, which are more than 41%.

Murder in the Alps, a hidden object game with 20M downloads, has scored a high number of female players, too — approximately 73% of all users. It’s an interactive crime novel game that allows gamers to solve countless mysteries and interact with others while experiencing all kinds of adventures in a beautiful hotel, set in the Alps. This game has grown in popularity amongst a more mature audience, with people in the age bracket of 25-44 years making up more than 45%, and older than 45 — almost 30% of players.

Mobile games become platforms to practice one’s creativity 

In the grand context of gaming, where women comprise 40-45% of players globally across all platforms, games with about 80% of female user base are quite rare.

According to the developers of the game, the positive setting, inspiration, creativity, and the can-do attitude the games encourage seem to be what continues to attract growing numbers of female players. As Victoria Trofimova, the CEO of Nordcurrent notes, these games become platforms for practicing one’s creative skills that can be later applied in the real world. 

“Games like Pocket Styler is just another form of entertainment — it is engaging, always available at our fingertips, can be used for short periods of time and, most importantly, conveys a positive, stress-relieving form of entertainment, as opposed to browsing stress inducing social networks or news feeds.”, says Victoria.

Regarding Pocket Styler, the most female-oriented game of the company, part of its appeal could also be attributed to creating a safe environment for self-expression with the chance of unlimited creative opportunities.  

“The game creates the perfect environment to explore new ideas in a risk-free way, as, in real life, one can’t do indefinite clothing test-runs until the best outfit combo is found. Plus, it is much harder to go out and explore the available fashion selection store-by-store due to pandemic restrictions. Thus, the game enables to fuel creativity by allowing to test out hundreds of ideas, without worrying that this “trial-and-error” method could have any negative implications,” commented Trofimova. 

The future of women in mobile gaming: more in-app purchases, less time on social media 

Mobile gaming is the fastest growing segment of the gaming market, with predicted growth from $98 Billion in 2020 to $272 Billion by 2030. At the same time, females are much more likely to make in-app purchases in mobile games. Together these facts mean that more mobile game developers will increasingly shift their attention towards women and compete for their attention by providing the highest quality mobile entertainment tailored for women.

Simultaneously, moving away from social media to mobile games designed specifically for women can help them avoid some of the negative psychological effects that browsing social media can have on their well-being. 

Well-designed, interactive games can help boost creativity, inspire positive emotions, and even improve brain function.