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BREAKING: Ontario COVID-19 Vaccine Portal Has Possibly Been Pwned


Thanks to @TheDanLevy for bringing this to light. It seems that Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccine portal might have been pwned:

A spokesperson for the Solicitor General confirmed the government has received multiple reports of spam text messages received by individuals who scheduled appointments or accessed vaccine certificates through the COVID-9 immunization system.

“Ontarians should be aware these texts are financial in nature and that the government will never conduct a financial transaction through these methods,” Marion Ringuette said in a statement.

“The government takes allegations of fraud very seriously and is aggressively investigating these reports with our partner ministries, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and others.”

This isn’t good and one hopes that spam texts are the only thing that are the result of this incident as I can see how anything more than that won’t end well for those who have been affected. In the meantime, Ontario residents should keep their heads on a swivel.

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