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Why Is The Screen Of My iPhone 13 Turning Pink?

Posted in Commentary with tags on January 23, 2022 by itnerd

While I haven’t seen this on my wife’s iPhone 13, apparently some others are seeing iPhone 13 screen turning pink. And for whatever reason, it seems Chinese iPhone users are the most affected based on this translated page that I found that speaks to the issue. Here’s the symptom set that’s been reported:

  • A heavy pink or purple tint on the screen with elements like the status bar icons still clearly visible in most cases.
  • Degraded performance
  • Automatic restarts
  • Instances of the phone freezing

There are other symptoms, but these are the major ones.

According to the article that I linked to above, this was being tossed around as a fix:

Customer service suggests that users should first back up the data of their mobile phones and upgrade them to the latest system. In addition, if some apps on the phone have not been updated, it is recommended to update, eliminating the reason why the app version and the iOS version are incompatible. If there is a real need (repair), customer service can help arrange after-sales service.

But based on this Apple Community thread from last year, which means that this is not a new problem, a hardware replacement was the only fix for some. That implies a hardware defect.

Shall we start calling this “Pink-Gate?