EnGenius DuraFon Roam Voice System Announced

EnGenius Technologies Inc. today announced the release of its first roaming capable, long-range, industrial voice cordless phone and two-way radio system, the DuraFon Roam. The Roam was designed for large footprint businesses like assisted living facilities, hotels, schools, retail stores, warehouses, and other expansive environments where voice communication is important but difficult to achieve. DuraFon Roam comes packed with features that makes it a much-needed solution for large business environments.

True Long-Range Performance

The DuraFon Roam combines three core components to master the range equation: low frequency, high signal output power, and high antenna receiver sensitivity. It then adds the ability to make hand-off voice calls between multiple long-range base units throughout a facility.

SIP call connection

The DuraFon Roam utilizes standard SIP protocol allowing voice calls via an IP-PBX or preferred hosted SIP service provider, generally saving businesses money over legacy PRI lines. 

Wi-Fi Bandwidth Avoidance

By using the low frequency of the 900MHz (902~928MHz) bandwidth, the DuraFon Roam avoids direct interference with Wi-Fi bandwidth. In addition, by using 900 MHz for wireless voice communications, the DuraFon Roam doesn’t place additional Wi-Fi bandwidth demand on already crowded Wi-Fi networks shared by laptops, cell phones, security cameras, scanners, and other IoT devices. 

Form Factor

The EnGenius DuraFon product line is known for its durability in demanding environments, and the DuraFon Roam handset continues this high-demand feature. Form factor changes are especially evident with the base units that provide long-range antennas for telephone and two-way radio calls. The DuraFon Roam bases are ceiling or wall mountable allowing them to be easily placed throughout a facility.


Expandable to eight long-range bases and up to ninety handsets, the DuraFon Roam system bases can be powered by AC adapters or power-over-ethernet (POE). They also have a removable antenna that can be changed out for an external indoor or outdoor antenna if needed.

Built-in, Digital Two-Way Radio Function

In addition to being able to make and receive telephone calls, the Roam handsets can function as digital two-way radios offering both broadcast and intercom. The Roam system allows for the two-way radio functions to operate via the base units or even independent of the base units. Even if the network or power to the bases is down, the Roam handsets can provide voice communication between handsets via the built-in direct digital two-way radio function.

The DuraFon Roam will be available March 2022. More information about the product is available on EnGenius’ website https://www.engeniustech.com/

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