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Sonos Announces New Sonos Ray, New Colours For The Sonos Roam, And A New Voice Assistant

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Today, Sonos is announcing new speakers that expand its home theater and portable line-ups, offering listeners more ways to easily connect with the content they love. As with all Sonos products, the brand’s newest speakers deliver great sound that helps you play more, hear more and feel more, whether at home or on-the-go. 

  • The Sonos Ray is a compact soundbar with impressive sound for its size that brings your entertainment to life. Ray makes it easy to build your first home theater setup or enhance TV sound in more rooms. It will be available globally on June 7 for $279 USD and $349 CAD.
  • Sonos also introduced Sonos Voice Control, the first voice experience created purely for listening on Sonos. Sonos Voice Control will be available in the US via a free software update on June 1, with additional regions to follow. After a careful search, Sonos chose award-winning actor Giancarlo Esposito – best known for his roles in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and The Mandalorian – to deliver a familiar voice for US customers.
  • Finally, Sonos Roam, the ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker, is now available in three fresh new colors – Olive, Wave and Sunset – which are available today, for $179 each.

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ServiceNow Launches New Solutions To Advance Digital Business And Drive Innovation At Scale

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 At Knowledge ’22 today, ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, introduced three new solutions built on the Now Platform to help enterprises advance their digital transformation efforts. Service Operations WorkspaceApp Engine Management Center and Public Sector Digital Services work across organizations and within the public sector to digitize complex processes and accelerate productivity.

  • Service Operations Workspace gives service desk agents and operations teams a single place to manage work, collaborate, and have shared visibility into issues. It includes a unified user experience for agents and operations teams to work on the same problem at the same time and solve issues faster. This helps reduce downtime, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity across multiple groups.
  • App Engine Management Center (AEMC) unleashes co‑innovation between business and IT with low‑code app development governance.As the number of citizen developers creating low‑code solutions grows, the role of IT must evolve to empower co‑innovation at scale while maintaining governance protocols. AEMC is a turnkey low‑code governance solution to successfully scale and safeguard app development across an organization with App Engine. Platform admins can set guardrails, apply standards, enable co‑innovation between business and IT, and check for compliance in a single place without any friction.

Additionally, AEMC helps centrally manage all aspects of low‑code app dev, from app intake to collaboration requests, to pipeline monitoring and deployment tasks. ServiceNow has also published a new Citizen Development Center of Excellence (CoE) website, making it easy for customers and prospects to find the content they need to build a successful citizen development program with App Engine.

  • Public Sector Digital Services provides governments with a digital foundation to deliver consumer‑grade experiences from request to resolution. For many people, requesting standard government services often requires visiting a local office, filling out paper forms, and submitting additional documentation, with poor visibility into the status of these requests. Within governments, fulfilling these requests can be slow and require personnel to navigate multiple aging systems and manual processes. Public Sector Digital Services provides out‑of‑the‑box public sector data models and workflows to help governments speed innovation, deliver better experiences, and resolve requests faster. Constituents benefit from increased convenience­­, transparency, and responsiveness.

The three new innovations were announced in tandem with Knowledge 2022, ServiceNow’s annual event providing networking, roundtable discussions, demos and more centered around the latest power, predictability and flexibility of the Now Platform.

Availability and Additional Information

  • App Engine Management Center and Public Sector Digital Services are now available on the ServiceNow Store for current ServiceNow customers using the prior family release platform (San Diego or Rome).
  • Service Operations Workspace (with ITOM) is expected to be GA in June 2022 on the ServiceNow Store.

Guest Post: LinkedIn Users Targeted In 52% Of All Phishing Attacks Globally In Q1 2022 Says Atlas VPN

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Data presented by Atlas VPN reveals that LinkedIn was related to over 52% of all phishing scams globally in the first quarter of 2022. Interestingly, it’s the first time that social media network was leveraged much more often than any tech giant brand name like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Criminals reach out to the victims via email, instant messages, or telephone, pretending to be from reputable companies, in this case – LinkedIn, to lure out sensitive information. Many people tend to re-use their passwords, which means that losing your LinkedIn credentials can also lead to a break-in to your primary email account, which is often a gold mine for hackers. 

The primary data for this report was courtesy of Check Point, a leading provider of cyber security solutions.

LinkedIn only appeared in 8% of all phishing attempts globally in the previous quarter. The LinkedIn brand name saw a 44% upshift in phishing scams in a relatively short period.

DHL dropped down from the first position to the second, with 14% of phishing attempts impersonating the well-known shipping company. There is one other shipping corporation on the list – FedEx. FedEx brand name was used in 6% of phishing attacks in Q1. 

The usual cybercriminal favorites – Google and Microsoft were used in 7% and 6% of attacks, respectively. 

WhatsApp (4%), Amazon (2%), Maersk (1%), AliExpress (0.8%), and Apple (0.8%) close out the top 10 list of brands that appear in phishing threats most often. 

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Telstra International Expands Business Offerings in the Philippines

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Telstra has expanded its business and service offerings in the Philippines with the launch of a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Pasig City, and the establishment of a new partnership with Converge, the leading pure fibre data network and internet service provider in the country. The expansion aims to offer more choice for customers and enhance connectivity into the Philippines, and within the country.

The new partnership, known as Telstra Converge Inc. (TCI, formerly ‘Digitel Crossing, Inc.’), is a joint venture with Converge Information Communications and Technology Solutions Inc. (Converge). It comes at a time when the Philippines has become an emerging hub of connectivity in Asia due to its increasing bandwidth demand and high growth potential, as well as its rapidly increasing attractiveness as a submarine cable hub. 

The joint venture, TCI, has allowed Telstra to build new terrestrial fibre routes between its East Asia Crossing (EAC) and City-to-City (C2C) submarine cable landing stations in the Philippines, as well as into Makati City in the Metro Manila region, the country’s financial, commercial, and economic hub. This expansion enables Telstra to provide quality end-to-end solutions for its customers. 

As the largest foreign submarine cable owner in the Philippines, Telstra also has access to two submarine cable landing stations in the country. They form part of the EAC-C2C network, which is the largest privately-owned submarine cable network, with a design capacity of 17.92 Tbps to 30.72 Tbps and a total cable length of 36,800 kilometres.

To ensure internet services are more accessible and stable for customers in the Philippines, Telstra has deployed a third PoP in Pasig City, a first-class commercial and residential city in the Metro Manila region, linking to the two existing, primary PoPs in Makati City. The new PoP enables Ethernet Private Line (EPL) services of 10G and 100G.

TrustRadius Names Infosec Skills And Infosec IQ Top Rated in 2022

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Infosec Institute, a leading cybersecurity education company, today announced their Infosec Skills and Infosec IQ security training platforms earned Top Rated Awards from, the most trusted review site for business technology. Top Rated Award criteria are based on authentic recent ratings and reviews from real customers.

Infosec’s platforms — Infosec IQ and Infosec Skills — provide hands-on, engaging training to the entire enterprise, empowering professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to outsmart cybercrime. Today, more than 70% of the Fortune 500 have relied on Infosec Skills to develop their security talent and teams, and more than five million learners worldwide are more cyber-resilient from Infosec IQ’s security awareness and phishing training

Infosec Skills secures its second Top Rated Award

With overwhelming positive client feedback and recognition from industry experts, Infosec Skills received its second Top Rated Award in the eLearning Content category, based on client satisfaction and market relevance.

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Infosec IQ Receives Third 2022 TrustRadius Award

After winning awards from TrustRadius for Best Feature Set and Best Relationship, Infosec IQ received the Top Rated Award in the Security Awareness Training category. This award ranks Infosec IQ as having some of the highest client satisfaction ratings in the market.

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