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TELUS Ventures Leads Seed Funding Round For Trexity To Advance Same-Day On Demand Local Delivery Platform

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Trexity, a same-day, on-demand local delivery technology company, founded by former Shopify executive Alok Ahuja (and partners), announced today that it has raised $5 million in a seed round led by TELUS Ventures, with participation from New York-based Studio VC, Winnipeg-based Shindico, Jay Myers (CEO of Bold Commerce), and a number of other notable Canadian angel investors. Funding will be used to expand into new markets across Canada and North America; and increase engagement in currently serviced markets of Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, and Winnipeg. 

Several strategic hires will also be made to bolster Trexity’s marketing, sales, and engineering teams. The company also announced today that Brian Martin, Investment Director and Partner, TELUS Ventures, will be joining Trexity’s Board of Directors.

Trexity is making on-demand local home delivery a reality for all small and medium-sized merchants. Their independent fleet of couriers earn between $25 and $30 per hour while delivering, making it the most generous delivery platform in Canada.

Founded in 2019 by ex-Shopify exec Alok Ahuja and LaunchFort co-founders Mathieu Bouchard and Darren Schnare, Trexity is a same-day on-demand local delivery technology platform for online and bricks & mortar businesses. The Trexity platform enables businesses of all sizes to deliver physical products in near real-time to their customers by harnessing the collective of an independent courier community. The Trexity delivery platform supports single delivery and multi-stop requirements allowing customers to scale their businesses faster—while keeping costs down with no extra fees or subscription requirements.

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Ville de Granby Upgrades Its Public Lighting Network For Energy Savings And Greater Efficiencies

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Trilliant, a leading international provider of utility solutions for advanced metering and smart grid systems, and Energère, a leading energy services company based in Québec, today announced a partnership with the Ville de Granby that will enable the city to increase resident safety, reduce greenhouse emissions and realize overall energy and maintenance savings.

Energère is highly experienced in assisting cities and municipalities with lighting conversion, and will leverage Trilliant’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform as part of the solution to support the city’s upgrade of 5,794 luminaires to light-emitting diode (LED) technology. The city will integrate an intelligent lighting management system (ILS), and install 3000K warm-white, connected lighting units. Trilliant’s intelligent lighting control technology will enable real-time remote management of all lighting fixtures, optimizing operations management and reducing maintenance requirements. It will also ensure greater visibility and safety.

The new LED bulbs’ lifespan is five times longer than that of the original bulbs. As well, the “dark sky” certification of selected products for the project will reduce the amount of light emitted towards the sky, thanks to directional lighting, and will limit intrusive light shining into residences.

This initiative will result in energy and maintenance savings each year. From an environmental perspective, in addition to protecting the night sky, the city will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 96.5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent over a 25-year period, representing the life of the lights.

Work for the Ville de Granby’s lighting conversion project is scheduled to begin the week of July 4, 2022. 

Guest Post: Google Collects Almost 40 Data Points Per User – Most Out Of Top Tech Giants Says Atlas VPN

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Data analyzed by Atlas VPN reveals that Google collects the most information about its users out of five selected tech giants – Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Apple. 

Barely anyone has the time or patience to read through dozens of pages of privacy policies for each website. Here, we will provide an overview of the number and type of data points the aforementioned enterprises collect about their users. 

The primary data was collected and made public by the team, which read through the privacy policies and extracted the data points. Atlas VPN summed up collected data points for each company to provide an easy-to-digest overview.

Google takes the top spot in regards to the amount of data collected as they log 39 metrics about each user. 

In general, they collect every little detail that they can. There are a few exceptions, like your address, SSN, or driver’s license number, but besides that, not much else is left out of their databases.


For personal information, Amazon logs your name, username, password, phone number, payment information, shipping address, and email. Nothing out of the ordinary for the most part since it is an e-commerce website, but there is one caveat – they collect your social security number and driver’s license information.

Another interesting tidbit is that Amazon sources data about your credit history from credit bureaus.

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Roku & Walmart Launch onn. Roku TV Models in Canada

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Roku and Walmart Canada today announced the launch of onn. ™  • Roku TV™ models. For the first time, onn. Roku TV models will be available in Canada and sold exclusively in-store and online at Walmart starting this month. Just in time for Father’s Day the onn. Roku TV models deliver a great TV experience at affordable price points to Walmart Canada customers. Customers can purchase the onn. Roku TV starting at $328.

onn. Roku TV models are available in sizes ranging from 24”- to 75”, and include:

  • Access to 150,000+ movies and TV episodes from thousands of free and paid streaming channels
  • Access The Roku Channel and stream an always-changing selection of hit movies, shows, 100+ live channels, and award-winning Roku Originals for free
  • Crystal-clear picture quality including HD, FHD and 4K UHD options available
  • Easy to use Roku remote and free Roku mobile app
  • Get the newest features, latest channels, and more with automatic software updates
  • Compatibility with popular third-party voice assistant devices
  • A simple home screen that combines traditional entertainment sources with your favorite streaming channels
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty 

As Canada’s #1 TV streaming platform, Roku brings a wide assortment of entertainment options to its customers. In partnership with retailers like Walmart Canada, Canadians now have access to high quality technology with a wide assortment of media all in one place. The onn. brand store also includes tablets, monitors and various tech devices, all at affordable price points.

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Review: EnGenius ECS2512FP 8-Port Multi-Gigabit L2+ Managed PoE++ Switch with 4 SFP+ Slots

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Let me get this out of the way up front. Unless you are a home user trying to build the best WiFi system using Power over Ethernet, or your a home user setting up the the best security system where your cameras require Power over Ethernet, and on top of those use cases you also need fibre connectivity, then this switch is likely overkill for you. Now if you need a switch to fit any of those use cases, or a use case that I haven’t thought of, then the EnGenius ECS2512FP 8-Port Multi-Gigabit L2+ Managed PoE++ Switch with 4 SFP+ Slots may be the switch that you’re looking for. Let’s walk through the features of this switch:

You get a management port if you want to connect to the switch via SSH. But you can also connect to the switch via a web browser, or using EnGenius Cloud. I would recommend giving the latter a try as I’ve found that it is a great and easy way to manage everything related to EnGenius devices. Not to mention that it makes the setup process trivially easy. Having said that, it’s nice that EnGenius gives you other options to manage the switch as options are good. There’s also status lights as well as a button to alter the behaviour of those lights and another button to reset the switch.

This particular switch has 8 ports capable of up to 2.5 Gbps each. They are highly configurable as well. For example, you can turn off PoE on any individual port, or you can bond two or more ports together to get better performance. From a PoE perspective, you get 240W across all eight ports. 

If you want to cascade a bunch of these switches together for example, you have for SFP+ fibre connections with up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth.

I didn’t take a picture of the back of the switch as there’s not much to see there except two fan outlets and the power connector. But the fans are what I want to talk about for a second. They’re audible. Which might be in an issue in a home or a small office. But a complete non-factor in a server room or a data centre which is likely where this switch belongs. Thus if you decide to use this switch in a home or small office, you may want to take that into consideration.

To test this, I used some EnGenius PoE gear to see if 240 watts is enough to host a few access points over PoE. Specifically I used this and this access point in my test. The bottom line is that the switch didn’t break a sweat. The graph on the switch showed a total of 25W with these two access points. So you would likely run out of ports before you run out of power.

The price depending on your perspective is the only con that I have. It’s $1200 CDN which is high if you’re not used to paying four digit numbers for high quality network switches. Or it’s a bargain if you’re used to buying networking gear from the big vendors out there. But what I would say is this, if you want a high quality switch for PoE devices that comes with lots of headroom, the ECS2512FP 8-Port Multi-Gigabit L2+ Managed PoE++ Switch with 4 SFP+ Slots is absolutely worth looking at.