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Drive With Royalty Until June 7: Navigating The Platinum Jubilee With Waze

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In celebration of the Platinum Jubilee, give your drive the royal treatment with the latest, Queen-inspired experience on Waze. Dignified, unflappable, and of course, British through and through — it’ll turn every ride into a jolly good one. 

Activate the voice navigation and you’ll serve at the young queen’s pleasure, while learning the way to maneuver like a royal. From the “proper” way to pronounce “ma’am” to the secrets of handbag messages, she’ll help make sure your etiquette, and driving, is always on point.

Get in the royal spirit with your Mood of choice — Stern guard, a true Royal, or your dog of choice: Playful, Loyal, or Pampered. Complete your class in royalty with the stylish and classic ride in a Royal Limo. Activate the experience and soon all you’ll be saying is “Toodle pip and away we go!” 

See the full Queen experience or tap “My Waze” in your Waze app and click the Queen banner to activate. It’s available from June 1-7 in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

Some Canon Pixma Printers Are Going Wonky All Of A Sudden

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If you own a Canon Pixma printer, you may want to pay attention to this story. Apparently there are growing reports of certain Canon Pixma printers that either won’t turn on, or if they do, they get stuck in a reboot loop where they cycle on and off continuously. The Verge has details:

Verge reader Jamie pointed us to posts on Reddit about the problem and Canon’s own support forum, citing problems with models including the MX490, MX492, MB2010, and MG7520.

Some believe their problem is due to a software update Canon pushed to the printers, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. In response to an inquiry from The Verge, corporate communications senior director and general manager Christine Sedlacek said, “We are currently investigating this issue and hope to bring resolution shortly as customer satisfaction is our highest priority.”

If you have one of these printers, there are suggestions as to how to get the printer to work. Taking the printer offline is one suggestion, and then for those who have some networking skill, there’s a suggestion on Canon’s support forum that involves setting the printer up so that it can’t connect to the Internet, while being live on your network.

I for one will be interested to see what Canon’s explanation is for this as clearly Canon must have done something to cause that. I say that because if number of people have exactly the same issue, that implies that either Canon pushed something like a firmware update to put these printers in this state, or they have a bug that was triggered on Canon’s end of things. Either way, it’s up to Canon to explain this and explain what they will be doing to ensure that this never happens again.

HP Releases Their 2021 Sustainable Impact Report

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Today HP released its 2021 Sustainable Impact Report, driving some of the most aggressive and comprehensive climate action goals in the industry and aiming to become the most sustainable and just tech company in the world by 2030.  

The global climate crisis is an unprecedented challenge demanding immediate action across the private and public sectors, which is intrinsically tied to demands around the world for greater equality and equity among peoples.  

Key Highlights Include:  

  • Reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040  
  • Sustainability is not only good for the world but also for business, leading to $3.5B in sales in FY21, up from $1B in 2020  
  • HP has reduced single-use plastic packaging by 44 per cent since 2018, up from 19 per cent in 2020  
  • HP has recycled 1,298 tonnes of ocean-bound plastic in its products—equivalent to more than 102 million 16.9 ounce (500ml) bottles 
  • HP recently acquired Choose Packaging, a packaging development company and inventor of the only commercially available zero-plastic paper bottle in the world 
  • Achieve 50/50 gender equality in leadership by 2030 
  • Accelerate digital equity for more than 150 million people by 2030 

More details on HP’s progress to date can be found in the Executive Summary  and the Full Report.

Infosec Institute Accelerates Role-Guided Cybersecurity Training For The Entire Workforce at RSA 2022

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Infosec Institute, a leading cybersecurity education company and part of Cengage Group, announced a hands-on supply-chain cybersecurity workshop and role-guided training solutions they will showcase at the RSA Conference, June 7-9, 2022, in San Francisco, CA. Infosec will highlight a range of solutions including proprietary, role-guided training roadmaps, gamified security awareness programs and a chance to experience their industry-leading training firsthand with an incident response security workshop focused on supply chain security.

Record numbers of cyber incidents and open cybersecurity roles in 2021 fueled the need for security education to strengthen organizations’ security cultures, upskill cyber teams, reduce business risk and meet compliance. To help overcome these challenges, Infosec has developed new solutions within their Infosec Skills and Infosec IQ training platforms to help organizations scale effective, role-guided cyber education to every employee.

At this year’s RSA Conference, Infosec will highlight several security training solutions that provide hands-on, engaging training for the entire enterprise, empowering professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to outsmart cybercrime. 

  • Infosec Skills Roles provide pre-built training and certification roadmaps for 12 of the most in-demand cybersecurity positions, enabling enterprises to upskill and reskill cyber talent at scale and individuals to break into the industry. 
  • Choose Your Own Adventure® Security Awareness Games help employees learn by doing and accelerate security behavior change through a first-of-its-kind gamified approach. The games put employees in the driver’s seat with interactive storylines that foster critical thinking, boost retention and increase engagement. 
  • Infosec Skills Cyber Ranges provide hands-on training exercises in virtualized environments that security and IT professionals encounter in their jobs. Mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® Matrix for Enterprise, interactive cyber ranges help learners not only master foundational concepts but also help them apply this knowledge hands-on to counter the adversarial behaviors targeting their businesses. 
  • Infosec IQ’s Cybersecurity Culture Survey systematically measures and tracks employee perceptions and sentiments around five domains of cybersecurity culture, enabling organizations to pinpoint areas for improvement, see recommended strategies to strengthen their culture and track progress over time.

RSA attendees will have the opportunity to experience Infosec Skills training firsthand, with a hands-on lab session on securing the supply chain led by Infosec’s principal security researcher, Keatron Evans. On the exhibit floor, attendees can experience Infosec Skills Roles and Choose Your Own Adventure® Security Awareness Games firsthand and learn how Infosec is working to fill the cyber skills gap through role-guided training that engages and empowers employees. 

Visit Infosec at booth 3324 in the South Hall at the RSA Conference or attend Infosec’s Secure the Supply Chain Workshop with Keatron Evans on June 7 from 1:15 PM – 3:15 PM PT in Moscone West 2020 to learn more about their organization-wide security training education platforms. 

Guest Post: Online fraud complaints in the US could reach a record high of 1 million in 2022 Says Atlas VPN

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According to the data compiled by Atlas VPN, online fraud complaints in the United States are expected to reach a record 1.11 million in 2022, driven by various factors such as an increase in cyber threats. 

The projection made by the Atlas VPN team represents a 31.5% growth from the 847,376 complaints registered in 2021. It was calculated by averaging the yearly internet scam complaint growth number from 2017 to 2021.  

The losses to internet scams in the US are also expected to rise by almost 52%, from $6.9 billion in 2021 to $10.5 billion in 2022.

The calculations are based on the Internet fraud data numbers provided by the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) in their Internet Crime Report 2021. 

In total, IC3 registered $2.76 million online scam complaints in the United States in the past five years (on average, 552,000 per year), amounting to losses of a whopping $18.7 billion. The cumulative number of complaints is estimated to reach 3.9 million by the end of 2022, while losses — $29.17 billion.

Why online scam complaints and losses are expected to increase

The rise in online fraud is motivated by various factors, but increasing online presence is among the main ones. During the Covid-19 pandemic, people turned to online services as lockdowns confined them. Many businesses, in turn, also moved online. As more and more people started transacting on the internet, cybercriminals saw it as an opportunity to fill their pockets. 

Even with the pandemic’s peak well past us and with businesses opening up, people’s habits have been changed for good. Many people made the work-from-home their status quo, while others found running their errands online more convenient and time-saving. 

What is more, the number of internet users is growing every year. According to the data provided by Statista there were around 4.7 billion internet users in the world last year. By the end of 2022, internet users are expected to reach 5 billion.

At the same time, cyber threats are constantly evolving, and fraudsters are getting more sophisticated with their attacks. While Nigerian prince scams are still going strong, cybercriminals are also utilizing more effective methods. For instance, they often spoof popular brand names and websites in hopes users will not notice that the email they received or the website they visited is fraudulent.

In fact, phishing, vishing, smishing, and farming were the most common types of cybercrime over the past five years. Overall, 731,739 cases of such crime were reported from 2017 to 2021. Based on the past trends, it is likely that social engineering attacks will dominate this year as well.

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