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Is Rogers Increasing Upstream Speeds For Ignite Internet Users? [UPDATE: YES]

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Frequent readers of this blog know that I’ve been very critical of Rogers rather pathetic Internet offering. While Bell is way ahead of them offering speeds as fast as 3 Gbps, the majority of Rogers customers are stuck on 1 Gbps downstream, 30 Mbps upstream. Which in 2022 is simply not competitive.

That may be changing though. Both DSL Reports and Reddit are getting reports of people receiving upstream speed increases of up to 180 Mbps for some Rogers customers. Here’s an image that was supplied to Reddit:

As far as I can tell, Rogers hasn’t admitted to anything. And not everyone has this increase. For example, yours truly doesn’t have this increase after doing a reboot of the modem. So that implies that this might be a phased rollout of some sort. It also implies that Rogers DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade which has been a gong show for years might be happening. If I had to take a guess, it’s likely due to some help from Shaw which Rogers is trying to buy at the moment. Though the feds may have something to say about that. In any case, I say that because Shaw has had upstream speeds of 100 Mbps for years, thus they know how to do this.

Regardless, if this is Rogers increasing their upstream speeds, it will be welcomed by many. But to be clear, it still lags behind Bell and what their Internet offerings serve up to customers. And Rogers will have to do some work to close that gap before they become an afterthought when it comes to Internet access in Canada.

UPDATE: On Friday confirmed with Rogers that this speed update is actually happening.

NSA, CISA and FBI Expose Chinese Backed Exploitation Of Network Providers And Devices

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The NSA, CISA and FBI have released a Cybersecurity Advisory called “People’s Republic of China State-Sponsored Cyber Actors Exploit Network Providers and Devices“. This advisory centers around the fact that hackers aligned with China are using a variety of techniques to exploit publicly-known vulnerabilities in equipment, allowing them to establish a broad network of compromised infrastructure. The advisory also lists a number of mitigation strategies that organizations need to take to protect themselves.

Jason Middaugh who is the Chief Information Security Officer, MRK Technologies had this to say:

The latest Cybersecurity Advisory from the NSA, CISA, and FBI drives home the importance of good cybersecurity fundamentals such as keeping assets updated/patched, changing default credentials to strong passphrases, and requiring multi-factor authentication wherever possible.

Many companies make the mistake of focusing on implementing the latest and greatest high-tech hardware/software and overlook the basics like system hardening and asset lifecycle management.

It does not matter whether it is the PRC attempting to exploit the device or an international cybercrime syndicate, if you don’t do the basics well it is only a matter of time before an internet facing asset is compromised.

Clearly this advisory is required reading for all enterprises. Because at the end of the day all enterprises are at risk. And it doesn’t matter if it’s China, or a ransomware group. All enterprises need to reduce their attack surface as much as possible to ensure that they are as safe from attack as possible.

UPDATE: Chris Olson, CEO, The Media Trust had this to say:

“Zero-days and other vulnerabilities in networked devices are an overlooked national security threat, especially in the midst of mounting geopolitical tensions. Unfortunately, the problem is not isolated to IT infrastructure, but also extends to the software supply chain, popular apps and mainstream websites. Today, foreign adversaries are targeting American consumers and businesses through code, with no borders to prevent malicious activity. In addition to following the advice published in the joint cybersecurity advisory, organizations should regularly monitor their digital ecosystem for the presence of untrusted third parties and remove bad actors to protect their users.”

TELUS Empowers Canadian Businesses With $1M Recommitment To #StandWithOwners

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TELUS’ #StandWithOwners program is back for the third consecutive year, recommitting $1M to help businesses across Canada – spotlighting the critical role they play in our communities and the economy and helping them thrive in a digital world. With 52 per cent of Canada’s 2021 employment growth coming from small and medium enterprises, these businesses are a key pillar of our economy that deserve to be celebrated and recognized for all they do. Inspired by the strength and resiliency of these business owners, TELUS will recognize businesses across Canada who are using technology to innovate and help their business grow, while also driving meaningful change in their communities, by awarding $25,000 in funding, advertising and prizes.

Starting today, businesses can apply to receive $10,000 in funding, a $10,000 personalized local advertising campaign and over $5,000 in technology prizes from TELUS and its partners, including Samsung, Fully Managed by TELUS Business, Cisco, Sage and Moneris, by submitting an application at until September 18, 2022. Owners will be selected based on their stories of community impact and how technology is enhancing their business.

TELUS will also award one business owner with a technology makeover customized to their business, with a value up to $50,000. This package includes additional prizes from TELUS and partners, and will be given to one of this year’s #StandWithOwners recipients based on their story of how their business will benefit and grow through the addition of enhanced technology.

TELUS has a longstanding history of championing Canadian businesses and entrepreneurship with over a decade of support in annual grants, local advertising and mentorship to businesses through #StandWithOwners, and previously, the Small Business Challenge and TELUS Pitch.

To learn more about this year’s campaign and how to apply, visit

Linktree Marketplace Launches As The New One-Stop Directory For Partner Link Apps And Integrations

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Linktree – the link-in-bio category creator — is today announcing the launch of the Linktree Marketplace, the new one-stop directory for partner Link Apps and integrations. Marketplace is designed to enhance the user experience by driving exposure to Linktree’s extensive partnership network to users and visitors with the breadth of digital experiences and services in a singular destination. Linktree’s Link Apps and beta integration partners at launch include Audiomack, Bandsintown, Cameo, Community, Gleam, GoFundMe, OpenSea, PayPal, Venmo, Reddit, SoundCloud, Spring, Square, Typeform and more.

As the digital landscape becomes increasingly more complex to navigate, Linktree recognizes that connecting users to a robust partnership and integration network is key to their success. For users, the new partner directory can be found in the Explore Menu in-product, and externally on the Linktree website, with more than 30 Link Apps and integrations with third-parties accessible in one place. Marketplace provides a mutually beneficial model with visitors to Linktree now able to watch, listen, shop and more in one-place. The Marketplace in turn provides the return of views, streams, donations, bookings, purchases and more for creators. With existing partners across commerce, social media, gaming, music and finance, the launch of Marketplace also comes with the addition of four new Linktree partners, including Cameo, Gleam, Typeform and Reddit. 

Creators and businesses online use a growing number of platforms, leading to increasing fragmentation of creators’ online identity, audiences, content and traffic. This is signalled strongly by creator behaviours, with Linktree reporting its creators link out to an average of nine different platforms. Link Apps help unify a creator’s digital presence and enable them to share anything from anywhere, all in one place, leading to greater discovery and engagement with their entire offering.

The Linktree Marketplace is Linktree’s first step in opening up their platform to developers: Linktree has been privately refining their developer tools in collaboration with premier beta partners and is preparing to invite more developers to build their own Link Apps and integrations to reach and serve Linktree’s 25M+ creators who together receive more than 1 billion visits a month. Interested developers can submit their interest within the Linktree Marketplace. 

Following Linktree’s recent $110M USD raise, the business has focused on introducing new revenue streams and creating additional value for creators and brands, including the launch of the new Web3 NFT platform features in partnership with Opensea and music & entertainment focused integrations with Audiomack, Community, BandsInTown, and Soundcloud. 

The platform also recently unveiled a design rebrand; further signifying the brand’s ambition of empowering creators across the globe to tell their stories better by creating a platform that encompasses many facets of an individual’s digital universe — a home where creators can truly link to everything they are. 

As one of the top 300 most popular website destinations globally, with over 1.2 billion monthly views, Linktree continues to prioritise the needs of creators, consumers and brands. 

Fisker Ocean Passes 50K Reservations And New PEAR Urban EV Interior Image Breaks Cover

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Fisker Inc. passionate creator of the world’s most sustainable electric vehicles and advanced mobility solutions have announced that reservations for its all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV surpassed 50,000. The company also revealed significant additional details about its second vehicle, the Fisker PEAR (“Personal Electric Automotive Revolution”).

The Fisker Ocean will start production at a carbon-neutral factory in Austria on Nov. 17, 2022, with the base Sport trim priced at $37,499 before incentives. The Extreme trim level is priced at $68,999 and delivers an estimated range of over 350 miles. 

The Fisker PEAR will be fully revealed in the second half of 2023 and enter production at a plant owned by Fisker partner Foxconn in 2024. With development well underway, prototype testing is expected to begin at the end of 2022. 

The Fisker PEAR offers two battery packs, with the larger Hyper Range pack targeted at over 310 miles and like the Fisker Ocean, will feature the Fisker SolarSky panoramic roof, adding emissions-free range to the battery. 

Fisker promises to provide even more detail about the Fisker PEAR throughout 2022.