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Atos And OVHcloud Partner To Accelerate The Development Of Quantum Computing

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Atos and OVHcloud, the European leader in cloud computing, announce a partnership in the field of quantum computing to make Atos’ quantum emulator available “as a service” through OVHcloud offers. This European premiere will make quantum emulations technologies more accessible, thereby expanding the quantum technologies’ ecosystem. Research laboratories, universities, startups and large companies will ultimately have the opportunity to design quantum software and explore pioneering applications well ahead of the market.

By fostering the emergence of tomorrow champions, and by encouraging their international reach, Atos and OVHcloud are committed to contributing to the development of a coherent ecosystem ready for the advent of quantum computing technologies. Thanks to the two European leaders, both public and private players of this burgeoning ecosystem will have access to a quantum development environment wherever they are located, so they can develop and experiment “as a service” software bricks, ahead of the effective release of the first quantum computers.

By emulating a real quantum environment, this offering aims to reproduce the various approaches to quantum computation. Using the unique power of Atos’ SMP BullSequana X800 server, the Atos QLM achieves unrivalled simulation capabilities, covering three different quantum programming modes (the gate model, the annealing model and the analog model). When deployed within OVHcloud, users will be able to emulate circuits up to 38 qubits in double precision, and solve quantum annealing problems of up to 5,000+ qubits.

Scalable and interoperableAtos’ QLM enables the development of hardware-independent quantum software layers in program, annealing and analog modes, thanks to its unique and patented quantum compilation technology. This unique technology will also pave the way for the first applications that are optimized for first generation processors known as NISQ or Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum.

In choosing Atos technology as an anchor for its future developments, OVHcloud will be in a position to offer quantum computation solutions through Jupyter Notebooks, offering developers easy access. Designed according to free and open standards, the Notebook will offer a variable level of performances depending on the infrastructure, which will benefit from the work already carried out by the Artificial Intelligence teams at OVHcloud.

Concerned with strengthening the European digital ecosystem by embracing the next technological leaps, Atos and OVHcloud commit themselves to encouraging the adoption of this new paradigm to contribute to Europe’s technological sovereignty and to foster the emergence of new champions in this field.

Do NOT Buy The New 13″ MacBook Pro With The M2 Processor

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Okay, that title sounds like click bait. But it is valid. The 13″ MacBook Pro with the M2 Processor is an Apple laptop that nobody should buy. And I do mean absolutely nobody should buy this laptop. Here’s why:

  • This is a design that dates back to 2016, and nothing has changed. And I do mean nothing truly has changed. And that includes having the Touch Bar that nobody likes. And the design that doesn’t match any other MacBook that Apple makes.
  • It still only has two Thunderbolt 3 ports, of which one is used for charging. The new MacBook Air has MagSafe which frees up one of the two ports on that notebook by contrast. Making it much more usable. Plus the MacBook Air has a headphone jack that supports high impedance headphones which makes it more usable and more “pro” than the 13″ MacBook Pro which does not have a high impedance headphone jack.
  • The screen on the 13″ MacBook Pro is smaller than the one on the new MacBook Air which is 13.3″. Plus the one on the MacBook Air supports billions of colours rather than millions of colours on the MacBook Pro. Which means that if you do video editing or photo editing, the MacBook Air is the better choice.
  • Apple advertises a fan inside the 13″ MacBook Pro to increase performance. The MacBook Air by contrast doesn’t have one. However, benchmark tests by many have indicated that the fan doesn’t make enough of a difference to justify the increased cost of the 13″ MacBook Pro. In fact the difference between the two is often seconds to a minute or two in most benchmark tests that I have seen.
  • The 13″ MacBook Pro still has the horrible 720p webcam and the horrible microphones while every other Apple notebook has updated to much better microphones and a 1080p webcam. So if you spend your day on Zoom or Teams, the 13″ MacBook Pro is not the notebook for you.

So why does Apple keep the 13″ MacBook Pro around? My rather cynical view is that they’ve paid down the design of this notebook years ago. So as long as people fall into the trap of buying this machine, the profit margin from the 13″ MacBook Pro will be higher than their other notebooks. Or put another way, Apple will make craploads of money off it it every time someone buys one. You shouldn’t be one of those people who buys one.

Thus my advice is two fold:

  • If you need a “Pro” laptop from Apple, you should skip the 13″ MacBook Pro and just go straight to the 14″ MacBook Pro. It comes with MagSafe, three Thunderbolt 4 ports, HDMI, an SD card slot, a mini LED screen that is stunning, and the power of the M1 Pro or Max chip. But let me make it even simpler for you. If you spec out a 13″ MacBook Pro with say 16GB of RAM and say 512 GB of storage, you’ll be within spitting distance of the price of the base model 14″ MacBook Pro. Given that the 14″ model comes with more, it’s a much better value than the 13″ model.
  • If you don’t need a “Pro” laptop from Apple, you should skip the 13″ MacBook Pro and go straight for the new MacBook Air. It’s a much better laptop in every way possible and costs less than the 13″ MacBook Pro. Making it a better value than the 13″ MacBook Pro.

The bottom line is that the 13″ MacBook Pro is a bad buy. Nobody should buy it as it really isn’t a great choice for those who need a notebook. You should simply ignore it and pick out the much better value that suits your use case.

New Report Says That Lockbit Leads And New Players Emerge in May 2022

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Drew Schmitt, Principal Threat Intelligence Analyst at GuidePoint Security, has released the company’s first GuidePoint Research and Intelligence Team (GRIT) Report: May 2022 Edition, spotlighting Lockbit and three emerging new players. 

The research investigates the most active ransomware threat groups, impacted countries, and industry verticals and reveals the rate of publicly posted ransomware victims per day for the last month. The analysis is accompanied by graphs that visually explore the data and statistics examined.  

The report makes for fascinating reading and is available here.