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Guest Post: Almost 70% Of Email Scammers Leave The ‘Subject’ Line Empty Says Atlas VPN


In phishing attacks, scammers will employ social engineering techniques to get you to click on their email.

According to the data presented by the Atlas VPN team, 67% of scammers leave the ‘subject’ line empty in malicious emails. Other ‘subject’ lines are not nearly as used as just keeping it blank, which can be a major red flag when identifying a phishing email.

About 9% of attackers would type in ‘Fax Delivery Report’ in the subject line of phishing emails. Nearly 6% of email scammers enter ‘Business Proposal Request’ as the subject line. Furthermore, 4% of threat actors would write a simple ‘Request’ as the email’s subject. Another 4% of attackers are trying to set up a ‘Meeting’ with their victims.

Almost 3.5% of scammers would send emails with the subject ‘You have (1*) New Voice Message’. Moreover, 2% of threat actors would type in ‘Re: Request’ in the subject of their phishing emails.

The tactic used in phishing emails is often to urge the user to click on the email or link without much thought. Some subjects are directed at business employees who might have real and fake ‘meetings’ or ‘business requests’ mixed in their inboxes.

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