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The State of Mobile App Security in 2022 Report Released


Approov and Osterman Research today issued “The State of Mobile App Security in 2022”. Key findings include:

Aimei Wei, CTO and Cofounder of Stellar Cyber had this comment:

     “Mobile apps are certainly a growing attack surface rapidly. Mobile app developers need to follow practices such as not hard code secrets or storing API keys in a secure place. It will help to reduce the attack surface. On the other hand, having visibility of runtime threats against mobile apps and APIs is critical, having a detection and response system that can provide visibility and detect attacks in real time will help to provide the overall coverage and fill the gap.”

Edward Roberts, VP of Marketing, Neosec added this:

     “APIs are a very important part of mobile apps and their adoption is widespread. But APIs in mobile apps are focused on business to consumer API behavior and usage. There is another large attack surface of business-to-business APIs that connect commerce globally which are unfortunately largely unprotected. The vulnerabilities and potential abuse of these b2b APIs is increasingly concerning to security professionals worried about the risk exposure of their organization.”

Hopefully mobile app developers get the message and improve their code so that they are not threats. That helps them and it helps the rest of us.

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