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There Is A Sophisticated Parking Ticket Phishing #Scam On The Loose In Ottawa


If you are in a citizen of Ottawa Ontario, you need to be aware of a parking ticket scam that is making the rounds. And this one is good from a scam research standpoint. Here’s how the scam works:

The goal of this scam is to get your credit card details. And the threat actor behind this appears to be someone that based on my research, they have tried similar scams in Toronto and Vancouver. It just seems to be Ottawa’s turn. And the fact that it’s been taken down twice and has reappeared means that the threat actor isn’t done with Ottawa yet. Not to mention that they will move on to other cities.

The good news, Ottawa is getting the word out to warn residents about this scam. Thanks to a reader for sending this over:

My advice is a follows: If you get a text message that claims that you owe some money for a parking infraction, you should ignore it. Full stop.

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