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Elon Musk Goes Off The Deep End By Accusing Apple Of Censorship And “Hating” Free Speech


From the “You can’t make this stuff up” department comes Elon Musk putting out a series of Tweets that accuses Apple of “hating” free speech and practising censorship. Here’s the start of Elon’s Tweetstorm:

Gee, perhaps Apple has joined the large number of Twitter advertisers who have paused advertising on Twitter because:

  1. Elon fired a lot of people. And a significant number of people who were left quit.
  2. Because of #1, there’s no moderation on the platform any longer. Which of course scares advertisers.
  3. Elon’s behaviour is, erratic to say the least.
  4. Twitter has seen hate speech skyrocket since Elon took over.
  5. Twitter needs advertisers more than advertisers need Twitter.

And by the way, like I said earlier today. Berating advertisers for pausing advertising Twitter is not a good business development strategy. But clearly Elon doesn’t see it that way.

But Elon wasn’t done there. He then said this:

Really? I am thinking that he’s conflating things. But without a context to work from, it’s hard to say. But if I had to guess, Apple was asking LBRY to do this to fight COVID misinformation.

Oh, you’ll note that Twitter automatically added a link to see the latest COVID info to the bottom of that Tweet.

Elon has clearly lost his mind as advertisers pausing ads on Twitter is costing him money and he doesn’t know how to solve that problem. And picking a fight with Apple is not a smart thing to do because Apple will likely win that fight. So perhaps Elon needs to take a chill pill and think about how he addresses this in a sane and rational manner. Just a thought.

UPDATE: This who thing has become a farce based on this:

Really? Perhaps Twitter should publish the rationale for who the ban or un-ban? After all, fair is fair right?

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