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A Trio Of Members Of Twitter’s Trust And Safety Council Quit This Past Weekend


Three prominent members of Twitter’s Trust And Safety Council resigned over the weekend by Tweet. I encourage you to read the Tweet in question as it is eye opening:

This council has more than 70 members on it and has existed since 2016 according to Slate. This is what they did:

The council is a voluntary group of experts and civil society organizations tasked with advocating for user safety and guiding Twitter policy to “improve the health of the public conversation.” The body, which started in February 2016 after a moment of company crisis—including the departure of several key leaders and an all-time-low stock price—has long advised Twitter leadership on hefty issues like human rights, harassment, and suicide prevention, with the input of executives from prominent groups like Article 19 and the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Cleary Elon Musk has no time for this group which is why these departures happened. He’ll likely regret that as the EU has already put him on notice that he can’t do whatever he wants in terms of “free speech”. That means that other jurisdictions will likely be doing the same. And when he can’t demonstrates that he has a credible group of people to deal with things like misinformation, hate speech, etc., Elon will be in deep trouble. And I for one won’t feel the least be sorry for him.

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