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Dimenco’s Built on SR 3D Display Technology Takes Center Stage at CES 2023


Dimenco, a market leader in light field spatial display with its Simulated Reality (SR) technology – Built on SR™ – allows users to see and interact with 3D content on a screen in Extended Reality (XR) without glasses. The company announced plans today to showcase a variety of spatial displays at CES 2023 that feature Dimenco’s highly advanced Built on SR technology embedded into various hardware and software products that demonstrate the latest 3D applications and use cases for spatial display technology.

Dimenco’s Built on SR 3D spatial technology delivers unmatched brightness, resolution and depth on displays, and has rapidly become the 3D display technology preference for business, entertainment, gaming, education and communication. Built on SR technology provides numerous unique benefits, including: 

Interested media, industry partners and OEMs are invited to schedule a VIP appointment at Dimenco’s private suite at the Mirage Hotel to experience Dimenco’s Built on SR spatial display technology. Guests will see the future of simulated reality, including hand-tracking that allows users to interact in 3D without a controller, spatial audio and volumetric video conferencing, and Built on SR technology embedded into a variety of hardware and software products that illustrate multiple 3D applications and use cases, including:

Dimenco will also showcase displays that utilize Built on SR during CES 2023 in the Venetian Expo, Hall A-C, booth #55332 in the Netherlands Next Level Pavilion. 

You can ciew a short video of Dimenco’s Built on SR spatial display technology below:

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