Apparently Trump Wants To Ditch His Own Social Media Company To Go Back To Twitter

Former President Donald Trump apparently wants to go back to Twitter so bad, he wants to ditch the social media company that he helped to found, which of course is Truth Social to do it. Mind blowing isn’t it. But according to Rolling Stone, he can’t, at least not yet, and here’s why:

When Trump first founded Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), he agreed to a “social media exclusivity term” that required him to “first channel any and all social media communications” to his Truth Social account for six hours before posting the content to other platforms, according to SEC filings.

Since late last year, former President Trump has informed several people close to him that he doesn’t want to re-up the exclusivity agreement with his social media company, Truth Social, two sources familiar with the matter tell Rolling Stone. “There’s not going to be a need for that,” is how one of the sources recalls Trump describing his soon-to-expire contractual obligation. 

The 18-month term of that requirement is up in June — right as the Republican primary is expected to begin heating up. After that, Trump’s exclusivity term would automatically renew for six month periods “unless notice is given.” In the event his exclusivity term expires, Trump would still be “required to post contemporaneously to Truth Social.”

“He said there’s an expiration date and that he didn’t want to make commitments,” the other source says. 

Asked whether Trump planned to continue to make Truth Social his exclusive social media home, a company representative directed Rolling Stone to a recent appearance by TMTG CEO Devin Nunes on Newsmax where the former California congressman said Trump “has no interest in going back to Twitter.” 

Sure he doesn’t. But assuming that he’s going to try and run for president again, Truth Social isn’t going to cut it as a means to get his message out there. Thus he needs Twitter. And it should be pointed out that Twitter needs him and more importantly his followers a lot more than Trump needs Twitter. Having his followers follow Trump to Twitter would be the sort of shot of the arm that Twitter desperately needs to survive. But I am not sure that Twitter having to wait until June for Trump to return would help Twitter. Thus you have to wonder if Elon Musk is going to offer some sort of incentive to get Trump to jump ship earlier. After all, Elon is a desperate guy these days.

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