Early Morning Microsoft Outage Caused By “Network Change”

Early this morning, Microsoft had an outage that affected, but were not limited to the following services:

  • Teams
  • Xbox Live
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft 365 
  • Minecraft
  • Azure
  • GitHub
  • Microsoft Store

The issue started at about 2.30 a.m. EST and ended about 2 hours later. What’s interesting is that Microsoft said this:

So Microsoft made a change that broke a lot of their online services and had to roll it back. That does happen from time to time with the best example that I can think of is Rogers and their July outage. But that creates issues for people who rely on said services. My question for Microsoft, which I hope they answer is what specifically happened and what will they do to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Microsoft does give some version of this information out, so I for one will be interested to see what they say.

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