Rogers Email Issues Continue To Drag On…. With Not Even A Peep From The Telco

I’ve been covering issues with Rogers Internet offering. It started as a general outage, but what has dragged on for weeks is an issue with email.

Let me the recap the issue that Rogers has been unable to fix. Anyone who uses Rogers email service (in other words they have a address) cannot get their email. This is in part due to the fact that Rogers requires users to create  App Specific Passwords via Rogers Member Center on each program or device that an email address is used on. The creation of new app specific passwords doesn’t work and existing app specific passwords appear to have been deleted in many cases. That pretty much breaks your applications that rely on them.


There is a workaround though:

The workaround for this is to open a web browser and go to and enter your Rogers email account details there. The password that you should use is the one for Rogers Member Center. This will at least allow you to view and reply to email on the web. And while this is a sub optimal workaround for many, it’s the only workaround that exists right now. 

A secondary issue is that you might have tried to reset your email password under the belief that you were using the wrong password. If that’s you, I have some bad news for you. The only way to truly reset your email password is to dial into Rogers to do that. The good news is that once you hit a human, it doesn’t take long to do that. The bad news is that I am hearing wait times of three hours or more to actually get to a human. And I am also hearing that people are getting disconnected while waiting for a human to come onto the line. Which punts you to the back of the line. 

The fact that this workaround is available is great. But viewing mail through a web browser is suboptimal. Especially on a smart phone. And having to get a human to reset your password is likely the reason why nobody can get through to Rogers in a timely manner. For a company who has spent a lot of time and effort to improve the customer experience, that’s really bad.

But what’s worse is that the silence from Rogers is stunning. But don’t take my word on that. I’ve been monitoring this situation as I have clients who are affected by this, and there are several threads on Community Forums that I have been watching. And Rogers customers are not happy. Here’s a few examples:

I want to stop here for a second. Assuming that this comment is true, it’s pretty bad when Rogers basically lies to a customer about an issue. That erodes any trust that the customer might have left.

And I want to talk about these last two comments. The first is relates to the fact that Rogers has not said a single word about this. Zip, zero, nada. When you don’t communicate to your customers about an ongoing issue, it creates room for people to say and think anything. Which means that you (or in this case Rogers) loses control of the message. That’s where the first comment comes from. In terms of the second comment, the person who wrote this is 1000% correct. Rogers needs to communicate way better than it has to date. But Rogers hasn’t and as this person has said, they’re left in the dark as a result. That’s not a good customer experience and that will come back to haunt Rogers.

So, what are your options if you’re affected by this and the workaround is sub optimal? Well, some of my customers are having me assist them in creating domains and email addresses associated with them so that they and not their ISP are in control of their email. Basically doing what I suggest here in terms of never using an ISP’s email service. One challenge that they have is exporting emails that they have since doing what I suggest here isn’t an option at the moment. But as long as they can get email on the device or program of their choosing, that’s good enough for them and they will take care of the export part of this whenever Rogers fixes their issues.

Other clients are taking a step further. On top of doing the above, they are also transitioning over to Bell if they have that option. Which in the areas where my clients are located in, they do. The feedback that I get from these clients is that they forgave Rogers for the outage in July of last year. And they even bought into Rogers marketing (Which is dead from what I can tell. Likely because of the backlash to it) that they are “committed to Canadians“. But those days are over and it’s time to dump Rogers as far as they are concerned. The fact is that Rogers really has dropped the ball here and bungled this situation badly. However this turns out, Rogers as a telco would have really deleted whatever goodwill that it had left with its customers. Which to be frank, I didn’t think was possible.

Shame on you Rogers.

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