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HYAS Introduces  HYAS Protect At Home Protective DNS Service


In an interesting move, HYAS Infosec today moved to “protect the protectors” by offering them free access to HYAS’s industry-leading protective DNS, which detects and blocks communication to adversarial domains — regardless of whether adversaries have already used the domains operationally. New HYAS Protect At Home provides cybersecurity’s first responders with both an early warning and an additional line of defense to help harden their home networks against cyberattacks.

Exploits are continuously evolving to avoid detection by most cybersecurity solutions designed for the home – where gamers, shoppers, online community members, and other family members are often just one bad click away from unintentionally opening the door to an attacker. HYAS Protect At Home changes that equation and offers cybersecurity pros a new level of protection to proactively mitigate threats in real time.

Protective DNS is endorsed by CISA and considered a best practice in network security, and HYAS Protect protective DNS is increasingly used by security-aware organizations around the world. It combines authoritative knowledge of attacker infrastructure and unrivaled domain-based intelligence to proactively enforce security and block the command and control (C2) communication used by malware, ransomware, phishing, and other forms of cyberattacks. HYAS Protect At Home is a free edition featuring:  

No configuration required – protection is available out-of-the-box, driven by HYAS unique enterprise-grade domain reputation data

I’ll be trying this and I will be doing a review of it when I get a chance. So stay tuned for that.

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