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Australian Utility Company Energy One Limited Pwned In Cyberattack


According to a statement made on Monday by Australian utility company Energy One Limited, a cyberattack on August 18th impacted both the firm’s Australian and UK corporate systems.The global supplier of wholesale energy market software and services is currently investigating the incident but confirmed that it has alerted both the Australian Cyber Security Centre and “certain UK authorities” and is taking immediate steps to mitigate the impact of the event.

The statement added that the investigation is still attempting to establish the impact on its systems, and determining if and what personal information may have been affected, and also what the initial point of entry for the attacker was.

This hack was covered in this article where Rob Bolton had this to say:

Rob Bolton, VP EMEA at Versa Networks commented: “It’s important for both customers and employees not to panic. In the meantime, people should be on the lookout for any potential phishing emails or any other form of unsolicited communication.”

Bolton also praised EOL for what he said was a “quick response time” which will mitigate the impact of the attack. “Quickly isolating an attack can be the difference between services and systems being available to customers or not, as well as sensitive data or personal information being stolen,” he said.  

Dave Ratner, CEO, HYAS:  

“Rob Bolton is correct — quickly isolating an attack can be the key difference for overall business resiliency.  It’s why we recommend that all critical infrastructure providers utilize Protective DNS solutions, so that any infection can be quickly identified, isolated, and remediated.”

Sometimes there’s nothing that you can do to stop an attack from happening. But you should do everything possible to stop it from progressing further.

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