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Veridas Voice Biometrics Now Available on Genesys AppFoundry


Veridas, a Spanish technology company specializing in digital identity and biometrics, today announces its Voice Biometrics Solution is now available on the Genesys AppFoundry™, a marketplace of solutions offering a curated selection of applications and integrations that elevate customer and employee experiences. 

With Veridas Voice Biometrics, Genesys customers can easily identify their users in as little as 3 seconds. No questions. No friction. 

As a 100% proprietary solution, Veridas Voice Biometric revolutionizes call center authentication with real-time voice recognition. Swift and secure, and powered by top-class NIST-rated algorithms, Veridas replaces lengthy knowledge-based verification methods with passive identity verification, utilizing a text and language-independent solution that provides a seamless customer experience. 

Veridas developed an integration of its Voice Biometrics solution in Genesys Cloud CX to provide customers with a secure and streamlined authentication experience while reducing fraud and improving operational efficiency in contact centers, both in IVR and live-agent interactions. In 2021, BBVA, a global financial giant, successfully integrated Veridas voice biometrics through Genesys to authenticate customers.

Veridas application is now available with Genesys Cloud CX, an all-in-one composable solution that helps organizations offer frictionless and connected customer and employee experiences. As a modern, API-first experience orchestration platform, Genesys Cloud CX enables organizations to coordinate every interaction and touchpoint through a full suite of omnichannel options, built-in employee experience, turnkey AI and end-to-end journey optimization.

To learn more about the specific features and benefits of Veridas Voice Biometrics solution, visit our AppFoundry listing

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