Tim Cook And Apple Fails When It Comes To Twitter

On Sunday, Apple CEO Tim Cook did a wide ranging interview on CBS Sunday Morning. But I want to focus on what he said about Apple being on Twitter. As everyone knows, Twitter is a cesspool of hate since Elon Musk took over. But Apple who touts itself as a company that wants to always do what’s right is still advertising on Twitter despite the fact that Twitter is a cesspool of hate. When asked about that, here’s what he said:

When asked if Apple should continue to advertise on Twitter, Cook replied, “It’s something that we ask ourselves. Generally, my view is Twitter’s an important property. I like the concept that it’s there for discourse and there as a town square. There’s also some things about it I don’t like!”

“There’s discourse, and then there’s antisemitism,” said Dickerson. 

“Yeah, which is abhorrent. Just point blank, there is no place for it.” 

“So, is this something you’re constantly evaluating?” 

“It’s something we constantly ask ourselves,” Cook said. 

This to me is not only a major fail by Cook specifically and Apple in general, it is unacceptable. By advertising on Twitter, Apple is effectively in bed with racists of all stripes, not to mention anti-trans, anti-LGTBQ, and other scumbags that are now thriving on Elon Musk run Twitter. You’d think that Apple would want to distance themselves from this. But clearly Cook and Apple are too busy asking themselves about their relationship with Twitter. Apple can’t have it both ways. They need to make a choice. Do they stand with the types on Twitter who part of the cesspool of hate, or they stand for what’s right? And if Apple makes the wrong choice, I believe that we the public need to make a choice. Do we stand with Apple who apparently is fine being on a platform with bigots and other scumbags, or do we stand for what’s right and make our buying decisions based on that?

Your move Apple.

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