Nothing Pulls Nothing Chats After Privacy Concerns Surface

A few days ago, I wrote about phone maker Nothing coming out with iMessage on their phones which run Android. It was supposed to launch this past Friday as a beta, and it did launch. But it was promptly pulled from the Play Store as per this:

What bugs are they are talking about? Well, 9to5Google did a teardown of the app, and…. :

Sunbird has been promising iMessage support on Android for about a year now, but the company has always seemed rather sketchy. Now, as Nothing Chats, built on Sunbird, has launched, the privacy nightmare is coming true – not only is the app not end-to-end encrypted as promised, but image files from other users are pretty easy to access in plain text.

The promise of Sunbird and, in turn, Nothing Chats is to deliver iMessage support to Android. This is done by having users log into their Apple ID through the app which routes the login through a Mac server farm. It’s not a unique method, but the big differentiator here is that Sunbird has made a big deal out of claiming that end-to-end encryption is kept in place throughout the whole process.


Frightening new findings reveal that Sunbird and Nothing Chats are, in fact, not fully end-to-end encrypted, as user data can be accessed in plain text.

Um… WTF? That is the worst possible thing ever. Knowing that should make anyone who is even causally considering using this app run fast in the other direction away from it. There should be no scenario in existence that you should ever consider this app to be a viable option to get iMessage onto your Android phone. I strongly encourage you to read the entire article from 9to5Google. It does go into the weeds, but it will help you to understand why this is not just bad. It’s horrifically bad.

In the meantime, perhaps you might want to take Tim Cook’s advice, if you want to get iMessage on your smartphone, buy an iPhone. At least it has security unlike this dumpster fire of an app.

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