Canadian Government Warns Of Data Breach Impacting 25 Years Of Public Service Employee Data

In a press release on Friday, the Canadian government warned current and former public service employees and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Armed Forces that their personal and financial information may have been accessed in a data breach involving two relocation support companies.

The breach occurred on October 19th and affects federal government data that was held by Brookfield Global Relocation Services and SIRVA Worldwide Relocation & Moving Services. Data may include any personal and financial information provided to the companies from as early as 1999.

“Given the significant volume of data being assessed, we cannot yet identify specific individuals impacted,” said the release.

“The Government of Canada is not waiting for the outcomes of this analysis and is taking a proactive, precautionary approach to support those potentially affected.

Jason Keirstead, VP Collective Threat Defense, Cyware had this comment:

   “Breaches that involve third-party subcontractors are increasingly one of the most challenging issues to manage on an organization’s risk register. One way an organization can reduce their own risk is by leveraging their capabilities to help protect their suppliers – for example by sharing both threat intelligence and defense information downstream with their supply chain.”

Given that Canada has very robust laws when it comes to this sort of thing, I fully expect that a robust investigation will take place. And I will be looking to see what the Canadian Government does to stop this sort thing from happening in the future based on said investigation.

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