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Two Week Challenge: Ekster Aluminum Cardholder

November 14, 2021

Back in May, I had the chance to review the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder. The thing was that my wife took it off my hands and I never saw it again. So it was really great that Ekster sent me another one. And I decided to do something really different which is to challenge myself to replace […]

Two Week Challenge: Ekster Aluminum Cardholder – One Week In

November 20, 2021

So I am one week into my challenge to use the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder which I have previously reviewed here as my daily wallet. Last week I figured out how to get all my cards into it and discovered that I was able to get everything that I actually used into this cardholder. I also […]

Two Week Challenge: Ekster Aluminum Cardholder – My Final Thoughts

November 27, 2021

I’ve come to the end of my two week challenge of using this super slim Ekster Aluminum Cardholder. In the first part of this challenge, I was able to get all the cards that I need into it. And I think that’s due to the fact that a lot of cards these days are digital […]

Review: Ekster Carbon Fibre Cardholder

May 8, 2022

Ekster wallets have been my go to cardholder for some time now. First I did a review of their Aluminum Cardholder, which my wife then promptly claimed as her own. Then Ekster was kind enough to send me a second wallet which I then tried out for two weeks and loved so much that it […]