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Rogers Hires Lisa LaFlamme… No Seriously They Did

September 9, 2022

In a move that would be applauded by many Rogers Sports and Media has announced that they have hired Lisa LaFlamme who was fired by Bell Media, who then promptly then mishandled the situation in epic fashion. You can read the full saga here. LaFlamme will cover the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II as a […]

CTV News Exec Takes Leave Of Absence After Epic Blowback From Lisa LaFlamme Firing

August 27, 2022

To be frank, I’m kind of surprised that this happened. But late on Friday night, which I am guessing was chosen by Bell Media so that it was less likely to be noticed, news surfaced that Michael Melling, the vice-president of news for Bell Media was taking a leave of absence: CityNews has obtained a […]

A Report Detailing Long Standing Claims Of Racism, Sexual Harassment And Bullying At Bell Media Surfaces…. And It Gets Even Worse For Bell Media On Top Of That

August 29, 2022

When it comes to Bell Media and the fallout from the Lisa LaFlamme firing, things have gone from worse to even more worse. The Globe And Mail has come out with a bombshell report (unfortunately it’s behind their paywall) by Robin Doolittle who was one of the reporters who broke the Rob Ford Crack Video […]

Bell Media Have Some Explaining To Do About How They Treat Women

August 22, 2022

Last week, CTV news anchor Lisa LaFlamme posted this to her Twitter feed: The backlash to her firing was instant. In short, many thought her firing from CTV News was unwarranted and was a sure sign of sexism and ageism. And what didn’t help was a report that her age and letting her hair go […]

Bell’s CEO Explains LaFlamme’s Firing On LinkedIn…. And It Went About As Well As You Expect It Would, Meaning It Went Badly… And It Gets Worse

August 28, 2022

The heat must really be on Bell over Lisa LaFlamme’s firing. Because the CEO of Bell Mirko Bibic has taken to of all places, LinkedIn to explain the firing late on Friday. Which to be frank is very odd to do to begin with. I encourage you to read the full statement. But there’s two […]