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Mark Papermaster Lands At Cisco

November 13, 2010

He was recruited by Apple and was the subject of a lawsuit between Apple and IBM. Then he left Apple around a year later with questions swirling about why and how he left. Now Mark Papermaster has been hired by networking giant Cisco Systems. Now Cisco should be a better fit for Papermaster as he […]

IBM And Apple Settle Differences… Mark Papermaster To Start At Apple On April 24th

January 27, 2009

Ex-IBMer Mark Papermaster who left IBM to join Apple before IBM slapped a lawsuit on him to stop that from happening, which led to Papermaster filing suit against IBM to kill their lawsuit is now going to start working full time at Apple: Apple® today announced that Mark Papermaster will be coming to Apple as […]

Papermaster Counter Sues IBM….. Things Are About To Get Interesting…

November 18, 2008

Mark Papermaster whom you’ll recall from a previous post was tapped by Apple to run the iPod and iPhone division until IBM sued to stop that from happening, is now counter suing IBM. Information Week spotted the filing late last week and has observed that IBM is out of bounds in terms of trying to […]

AMD Comments On Chip Flaws: Nothing To See Here

March 21, 2018

AMD has finally commented on the security flaws in its Epyc, Ryzen, Ryzen Pro, and Ryzen Mobile chips, identified in a frankly dodgy manner by CTS Labs a week ago. In a post on the AMD website on Tuesday, Mark Papermaster, senior VP and CTO of AMD, had this to say. Oh as an aside, if the name sound […]

Apple Hires Adobe Exec Who Hates iPhones And Is Pro Flash…. What’s Up With That?

March 21, 2013

This is very bizarre. Apple has hired ex-Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch to become their vice president of technology, It’s a decision that makes no sense. Here’s why: Lynch has been a Flash fanboi. You might recall that Apple are not Flash fanbois saying that it should be replaced with HTML5. Lynch at the time shot back by […]

Apple Exec Leaves The Company… Connection To “Antennagate” Perhaps? [UPDATED]

August 8, 2010

The Globe And Mail is reporting that Mark Papermaster who is, or rather was the senior vice-president of iPhone and iPod hardware engineering is leaving the company. An Apple spokesperson won’t say if he was fired or he left voluntarily which leaves more questions than answers at this point. Either way, speculation is that he’s […]

EX-IBM Exec Told To Stop Working For Apple

November 10, 2008

According to ComputerWorld, A US District Court Judge on Friday told ex-IBM Exec Mark Papermaster to stop working for Apple (click here to see why Apple wants him): U.S. District Court Judge Kenneth Karas ruled that Mark Papermaster, who was announced as Apple’s new vice president of devices hardware engineering only last Tuesday, must “immediately […]

“Father Of The iPod” Leaves Apple… IBM Exec Replaces Him… IBM Sues Apple… Let The Games Begin

November 4, 2008

Apple put out a press release this morning announcing the departure of Tony Fadell and his wife, Danielle Lambert who is the vice president of human resources at Apple. The release cites the need for them to “devote more time to their young family.” Fadell is the dude who came up with the idea of […]