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Issues With Apple Watch Activation Mount For Those On Rogers

September 22, 2018

Things really aren’t really going well with those who want to activate an Apple Watch on the Rogers network. On top of corporate customers being shut out entirely at this point, those who should be able to activate an Apple Watch on the Rogers network are sometimes running into issues. Based on the angry emails […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Nightmare Of Rogers And The Apple Watch Continues As Business Customers Discover That They Can’t Use The Apple Watch With Business Plans

September 17, 2018

Well, just when you thought that Rogers was about to get past their ongoing issues of bringing Apple Watch support to their network comes news that business customers can’t get the Apple Watch added to their plans. I came across this Tweet a few minutes ago while monitoring reactions to the launch of Apple Watch […]

Rogers To FINALLY Offer eSIM Support For Apple Watch Users

September 12, 2018

I just finished watching the Apple event where the new Apple Watch Series 4 was announced along with the iPhone Xr, Xs and Xs Max phones. And one thing popped up that will be of interest to Canadians. Unlike last year where Rogers was missing from the list of supported carriers of the Apple Watch […]

EXCLUSIVE: Rogers May Be FINALLY About To Provide Support For The Apple Watch

August 27, 2018

For months now, I have been writing about the lack of Apple Watch Support by Rogers along with their total mishandling of the situation. With no timeline, no clear statement from the telco in red about what their plans were about if they would ever provide support for Apple’s wearable device, many people trashed Rogers […]

Rogers Messaging About The Apple Watch With LTE May Be Sending The Wrong Message

June 4, 2018

As frequent readers of this blog will know. Rogers has been very unwilling to say one way or another if they will carry the Apple Watch with LTE. I personally had to switch to Telus to be able to use one, and many others have switched to that carrier or Bell for the same reason. […]

Rogers Responses To The Lack Of Apple Watch LTE Support Appear To be Incredibly Tone Deaf

May 16, 2018

Even though I am no longer a Rogers wireless customer so that I could get an Apple Watch (review to come in the next couple of weeks by the way), I still follow this story as I get a lot, and I do mean a lot of comments from frustrated Rogers customers on this. As […]

It’s Been Seven Months Since The Apple Watch With LTE Was Released And Rogers Still Lacks Support

April 20, 2018

We’re now about 7 months since the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE has been launched, and Rogers who is Canada’s largest telco still lacks support for it. Now I have said each time that I have talked about this that they risk losing customers over this as other telcos, most notably Bell, are looking […]

Rogers Continued Inability To Support The Apple Watch With LTE Continues To Stoke Frustration

March 1, 2018

Something that I never thought would drag on this long is the ongoing saga of Rogers and their inability to support the Apple Watch with LTE when the other members of the big three carriers, namely Telus and Bell do. Most of that frustration is being played out on Twitter: @Rogers want to tell me […]

Rogers Continues To Struggle With Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Messaging While Bell Circles To Steal Their Customers

November 17, 2017

It really seems that Rogers continues to muddy the waters with how they are communicating to customers when it comes to the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE. When I last covered this story, readers brought to me examples where Rogers had flipped away from pointing at the lack of eSIM support as being the […]

Another Plot Twist On The Rogers/Apple Watch Series 3 Story

October 12, 2017

The ongoing saga of Rogers support of the Series 3 Apple Watch with LTE has taken another twist. Several readers over the last couple of days have alerted me to some Twitter interactions between Rogers customers and the Rogers Helps Twitter account. Below is one example of what they alerted me to: Hi PhReAkShO. Good […]