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Michael Dell, Meet Carl Ichan…. This Should Be Fun

March 7, 2013

If Michael Dell thought he could just take Dell computer private without much of a fuss, he’s likely rethinking that. Activist investor Carl Ichan has just purchased 6% of Dell stock. That allows him to make things very interesting: When reached for comment, Icahn said he wouldn’t discuss Dell or any rationale he had for […]

Carl Ichan Wants To Roll Up The RIM To Win

September 27, 2011

A tradition in Canada is to play Roll Up The Rim To Win at the local Tim Horton’s every March. Well, activist investor Carl Ichan wants to roll up to RIM to win. Rumors swirled today that Ichan is going to make a play for the smart phone maker: Stoked by rumours that legendary activist […]

Icahn Quits Yahoo Board… WTF?

October 25, 2009

After going through all of the effort to get onto the Yahoo board, Carl Icahn has decided to pull the plug: Icahn said in a statement that there are other matters that he would rather focus his energies on, while praising Yahoo Chief Executive Carol Bartz and lauding the company’s recent signing of a search […]

Icahn Plans To Oust Yahoo’s Board…… Oooo! Scary!

May 15, 2008

Carl Icahn is ticked off with Yahoo’s board for not selling out accepting Microsoft’s takeover offer. So he’s launched a proxy battle to oust the board of directors: “I believe that a combination between Microsoft and Yahoo is by far the most sensible path for both companies,” Just to prove that he’s not blowing smoke, […]

Yahoo To Icahn: Up Yours!

May 16, 2008

Yahoo didn’t waste any time in shooting back at Carl Icahn. Roy Bostock, chairman of Yahoo posted this letter responding to Icahn’s attempt to oust the board. Of note, is the fact that it tries to counter Icahn’s accusation that the board didn’t do it’s job in terms of folding up like a cheap suit […]

Microsoft & Yahoo At The Table Again…. Yang Must Be Feeling The Heat

May 18, 2008

I’m guessing that with Carl Icahn at his doorstep, Jerry Yang must had felt the need to save his skin stop the infighting. So I’m not at all surprised that Yahoo and Microsoft are talking again. Microsoft said in a statement: “Microsoft is considering and has raised with Yahoo an alternative that would involve a […]

Yahoo Postpones AGM….. The Heat Is Truly On

May 23, 2008

It’s interesting what you can find when you troll a companies SEC filings. The latest installment in the Yahoo/Microsoft (Microhoo?) saga comes with the news that Yahoo has postponed their Annual General Meeting that was scheduled for July 3rd. This means two things for them: Carl Icahn is really twisting the screws and Jerry Yang […]

Microsoft Offered $40 A Share For Yahoo…..WTF?

June 3, 2008

Bloomberg is reporting that a recently unsealed court case by shareholders against Yahoo reveals that Microsoft offered $40 a share for the Internet search company in January 2007 and Yahoo turned it down. You have to wonder why Yahoo would turn that down. You also have to wonder why they said previously that Microsoft offered […]

Yahoo And Icahn Trade Shots…. Yahoo Staff Continue To E-mail CV’s To Google

June 5, 2008

Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock and Carl Icahn traded shots at each other over the last couple of days. Icahn for one sent a rather inflammatory letter to the Yahoo board. In it he basically accuses Yahoo of creating the severance plan that I have previously reported on to act as a poison pill: “Until now […]

Icahn To Yahoo: You Suck! Now Listen To My Brillant Plan!

June 6, 2008

The war of words between Carl Icahn and Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock is really getting ugly. Icahn has fired off another letter to Yahoo, that starts with the following line: “While you may take issue with the content of my letter, I take issue with your oversight of Yahoo! Again, I stand by my characterization […]