Coolest, Portable PC, Ever.

I just got my hands on a Eee PC from Asus today, and boy was I impressed. The Eee PC is a sub-notebook that is taking the world by storm. It priced at under $600 and comes out of the box with LINUX (Xandros LINUX to be specific), comes with, Mozilla Firefox, Skype, Tux Paint and other educational entertainment software, E-mail, and Internet radio applications. Another big plus, it can be installed with Windows XP (although you’ll have to buy your own copy as they don’t ship it with the Eee PC) and it comes with complete instructions on how to do so (and drivers to boot). It weighs absolutely nothing (2lbs), comes with 2-4 GB of flash storage, 512MB – 1GB of RAM, Ethernet, WiFi, external video, a 7″ color screen that does 800×400 resolution and even comes in a bunch of colors. Did I mention that it’s UNDER $600? It’s the perfect computer for someone who simply needs a web surfing or e-mail machine. Or perhaps it’s the ideal computer for educational institutions since it has flash storage which means no hard drive for kids to kill.

Asus has a winner on its’ hands here. Check it out today at your local computer store.

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