Microsoft Allows You To Go Passwordless For Their Accounts

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Anyone with a Microsoft account can now remove their password from the account entirely to enable better security:

For the past couple of years we’ve been saying that the future is passwordless, and today I am excited to announce the next step in that vision,” Microsoft corporate vice president Vasu Jakkal writes in the announcement post. “Beginning today, you can now completely remove the password from your Microsoft account.” As for the “why” of this change, Microsoft points to the fact that passwords are insecure and are the focus of over 18 billion attacks every year, or 579 attacks every second. Before you can go passwordless, you’ll need the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone. Then, you can use Windows Hello, a security key, or a verification code that’s sent to an email address, your phone, or a compatible app or service like Outlook, OneDrive, Microsoft Family Safety, and more to sign-in, depending on the location.

This is huge and I applaud Microsoft for making this move as this will encourage other companies like Apple and others to make the same move. I’ll be experimenting with this and I will post a story on what my experiences are with living in a passwordless world.

Parler’s Hosting Company Has Allegedly Been Pwned By Anonymous

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I haven’t written about anything to do with Parler for a while now. But there are back in the news for all the wrong reasons as it seems that Epik Hosting who has been hosting Parler since they were Thanos snapped off of Amazon Web Hosting has allegedly been pwned by Anonymous:

Members of the hacktivist collective Anonymous claim to have hacked web registration company Epik, allegedly stealing ‘a decade’s worth of data,’ including reams of information about its clients and their domains. Epik is controversial, having been known to host a variety of rightwing clients, including ones that previous web hosting providers, like GoDaddy, have dropped for various reasons. Its users have included conservative social media networks Parler and Gab, as well as conspiracy-theory-laden YouTube wannabe Bitchute and former President Trump fansite, The Donald. The company recently hosted — the website designed to help people snitch on Texas residents who want abortions — but later forcibly removed the tip-collecting platform after determining that it had violated Epik’s terms by nonconsensually collecting third-party information.

I’m going to be completely transparent here. I am not sure how I feel about this.

On one hand, I am no fan of any of the clients that they host. So part of me feels that their hosting company deserves to get pwned. On the flip side nobody, no matter how unsavory, deserves to get pwned. Thus I am very conflicted about this.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Introduces AI-Based Engagement Scoring, Data Integrations To Help Marketers Boost Personalization

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Today, Salesforce introduced new AI-powered innovations for Marketing Cloud that help companies humanize every interaction; make trusted, first-party data the foundation of their digital strategy; and optimize marketing impact with unified analytics.The innovations announced today include Einstein Engagement Scoring in Salesforce CDP, Einstein Designer, Interaction Studio Templates, and Datorama Connectors.

In this digital-first world, companies need to deliver moments that are connected, relevant, and human in order to develop trusted relationships that build loyalty and grow revenue. In fact, 84% of marketers say that customer expectations are changing as digital experiences become more sophisticated. To deliver on these expectations, companies must harness the power of data and leverage AI— while also respecting privacy and using data with consent. 

Today’s news builds on the recently announced innovations that combine the power of Slack and Salesforce to help marketers build digital HQs that transform collaboration and deliver insights fast, improve their strategies through streamlined workflows, and enable quicker decisions.

Know your customer to engage with relevancy

According to the State of Marketing Report, 60% of customers are open to the use of AI to improve their experiences. Marketers’ top AI use cases include driving recommendations, personalizing the overall customer journey, and automating customer interactions. 

Customers can use AI in combination with cross-cloud data to target their most active subscribers

Einstein Engagement Scoring in Salesforce CDP helps marketers use AI in combination with cross-cloud data to target their most active subscribers within Salesforce CDP, an enterprise customer data platform that supercharges customer interactions everywhere. This capability improves engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction across every touchpoint. For example, marketers can use Einstein Engagement Scores in Salesforce CDP to omit users unlikely to engage with emails or mobile, and instead utilize other channels like advertising or social media to engage with them.

Humanize every moment with real-time personalization

Eighty percent of marketers say that engaging customers in real time is their number one challenge. Marketing Cloud innovations announced today help meet this need through:

Customers can create relevant content with the help of AI in seconds

  • Interaction Studio Templates deliver personalized interactions with templates that now extend and simplify personalization to customers via ATMs, point-of-sale systems, and call centers.
  • Interaction Studio Integration with Experience Cloud provides personalized web, mobile, and portal experiences based on real-time engagement.
  • Interaction Studio Integration with CRM gives sales and service teams real-time visibility into customer behavior, segmentation, and next-best actions.
  • Einstein Designer creates relevant content with the help of AI in seconds using variations of available images, copy, and headlines. 

Optimize marketing impact with smarter insights

According to the Marketing Intelligence Report, the top three improvements marketers are seeking to make over the next year include optimizing marketing spend, developing a strategic view of overall marketing performance, and gaining a stronger ability to understand and engage customers. AI innovations in Marketing Cloud that meet these needs include:

Customers can use out-of-the-box analytics apps and AI-driven insights understand the business impact of their marketing efforts

Datorama Connectors and Apps for Salesforce CDP and Interaction Studio enable marketers to understand the business impact of their first-party, data-driven marketing and advertising. With out-of-the-box analytics apps and deeper Einstein Marketing Insights, companies can optimize return on investment (ROI) and customer lifetime value (LTV).


  • Einstein Engagement Scoring in Salesforce CDP is generally available today.
  • Interaction Studio Templates are generally available today.
  • Interaction Studio Integration with Experience Cloud is generally available today.
  • Interaction Studio Integration with CRM will be generally available to customers early next year.
  • Einstein Designer will be generally available to customers early next year.
  • Datorama Connector and App for Salesforce CDP is generally available today.
  • Datorama Connector and App for Interaction Studio is generally available today.

Guest Post: US Online Searches For ‘Facebook Account Hacked’ Surge 93% YTD, Almost Double 2020 Figure Says Atlas VPN

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Facebook has had its fair share of security mishaps over the years, and 2021 is no exception. This may explain why a record number of people in the United States are scouring the web for information about Facebook account hacks.

According to the data analyzed by the Atlas VPN team, average monthly searches for the keyword ‘Facebook account hacked’ have grown by a whopping 93% since last year. This year alone, US internet users have looked up the keyword 159,000 times compared to 82,300 times in the entire year of 2020.

If we look at the historical data, the searches for the keyword ‘Facebook account hacked’ have increased a whopping 188% since 2016 when they were at 55,208

The keyword reached a record number of monthly searches in July of 2021 when it hit 40,000. The second most searches for the keyword were recorded in April of this year, totaling 28,000. Meanwhile, May 2021 occupies the third spot on the list with 25,000 searches.  

Peaks in the keyword searches this year coincide with Facebook’s security crisis. In April, sensitive data, including phone numbers of 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries was scraped and posted on a hacking forum.

Ruth Cizynski, the cybersecurity researcher and writer at Atlas VPN, shares her thoughts on the situation: 

“While Facebook had its fair share of security and data breaches in the past, Internet searches about hacked Facebook accounts only blew up this year. It suggests that people are getting more conscious about their cybersecurity. ”

To read the full article, head over to:

Uber Helps To Get The Vote Out In Canada

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On Monday, Canadians will be heading to the polls to participate in Canada’s 44th Federal Election. And as part of Uber’s global commitment to help people move to the polls, we’re offering up to 50% off for roundtrip rides to and from the polls (up to $5 off for each trip)*. On September 20 across the country, Canadians can use the code VOTE2021 while the polls are open in their home province.  

From the 2020 U.S. election, to state elections in India earlier this year, Uber is proud to use its technology to reduce transportation barriers and help eligible voters safely cast their ballots.  

This is part of our ongoing effort in Canada to help move what matters, whether it’s helping Canadians get to vaccination centres, or helping first responders arrive safely to work. We’re proud to be a trusted partner for Canadians making plans to get to the polls, and help keep the wheels of democracy turning.

Pulling an election together is no easy feat—to Elections Canada and their staff, the candidates who put their names on the ballot, and the volunteers who power their campaigns, thank you for your efforts. 

Learn more about where to vote through Elections Canada here.

*Terms and conditions apply.  Code can be used in any Canadian city where Uber is available. Must apply the promo code in the Wallet section of the Uber app prior to requesting the ride to redeem the discount. Discount valid for up to $5 off maximum of two (2) UberX, UberXL or Uber Green trips on September 20, 2021. Cannot be combined with other offers. One time use only. Non-transferable. Offer is available between 7:30 am ET and 10:00 pm ET on September 20, 2021. Discount does not apply to tips. Offer and terms subject to change.

Canadian Organizations That Migrate to Cloud Primarily as a One-Time Cost Savings Activity Risk Missing Out on Competitive Advantages: Accenture 

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A new global report from Accenture has identified a select group of organizations spanning several industries that treat cloud as a new operating model to continuously reinvent their businesses using innovative, multi-cloud capabilities — across public, private and edge — realize greater business value, well beyond cost savings.

Based on a survey of nearly 4,000 C-suite executives at both private- and public-sector organizations globally, including 200 Canadian executives, the report, titled “Ever-ready for Every Opportunity: How to Unleash Competitiveness on the Cloud Continuum,” explains why looking at cloud as a one-time migration to a static destination — essentially as a cheaper, more-efficient data centre — is limiting for most organizations, including those in Canada. In fact, a narrow focus on cost savings can actually put organizations at a competitive disadvantage compared to those using cloud more strategically across its many dynamic forms, including public, private and edge.

The report reveals that while Canadian organizations plan to migrate more than two-thirds of their workloads to cloud, on average, over the next three to five years, only half are using the full potential of cloud in its various forms to transform their day-to-day business operations, carry out knowledge work and modernize applications to meet business needs.

Accenture defines the organizations leading the way in cloud as “Continuum Competitors.” These organizations — about 12-15% of respondents globally — stand out by extending the experience they gained from public cloud to their private data centers and edge locations to transform daily business operations. As a result, they achieve substantial gains from their continued cloud engagement and outperform competitors. Continuum Competitors are also much better positioned to withstand future shocks, according to the research.

Continuum Competitors include organizations such as Carlsberg, for example.

Unlike organizations whose cloud efforts focus primarily on one-time migration to cloud for cost savings and efficiency, Continuum Competitors in Canada are:

  • 1.6x more likely to see outcomes such as AI-augmented knowledge work; 
  • achieving 1.3x greater cost reduction than organizations focused mainly on data migration;
  • targeting at least 1.3x better in financial and operational goals, such as increased customer value, lower operating costs, financial growth and flexibility, and scaling new innovations;
  • 3.6x more likely to use the cloud for at least two sustainability goals, such as using green energy sources, designing for lower power consumption, and using servers more efficiently to reduce energy consumption.

By studying Continuum Competitors’ use of cloud, Accenture has identified four winning cloud approaches applicable to any organization: 

  1. Know where you want the continuum to take you. An organization must first develop a strategy with a vision that clearly states the core values and future aspirations, identifies competitive vulnerabilities and classifies capabilities relative to where the company is today and its future aspirations. They must develop these strategies by taking into account the constant evolution of cloud capabilities across the continuum.
  1. Establish cloud practices to support and augment your technologies. Organizations need to couple technology adoption with practices that bring discipline and help change non-technology areas at the pace of computational improvements. Agility is the most critical mindset to being a Continuum Competitor; it infuses cloud-first apps, talent transformation, information technology experimentation and compute awareness, among other areas.  
  1. Accelerate innovation to deliver exceptional experiences. Continuum Competitors prioritize their investments in one area: experience. They use a combination of human-centered design and cloud-based technologies such as edge computing to rethink experience to push it closer to where their customers, partners and employees engage. This is done by driving the experience mindset throughout the organization, including products and services, employee experience and delivery models.
  1. Provide continuous strategic commitment. Leadership needs to establish business objectives, set appropriate risk levels and promote a culture of agility and growth. Organizations must also recognize the “all-hands” nature of the challenge: everyone across the organization needs to be informed of the cloud’s ever-improving potential and best practices.

Accenture’s “Ever-ready for Every Opportunity: How to Unleash Competitiveness on the Cloud Continuum” research arrives at a time when Canadian organizations have been forced by the pandemic to provide their customers with unique experiences and serve them in new and virtual ways. Prior global research from Accenture found that companies, including those Canada, that scaled technology innovation during COVID-19 are growing revenue approximately five times faster than lagging adopters of technology innovation.

About the Research 

In late 2020 and early 2021, Accenture surveyed nearly 4,000 C-suite executives, in both information technology (IT) and non-IT roles, across 25 countries and 16 industries. The research — which included interviews, case study research and economic modelling — focused on collecting data on adoption and scaling of technologies associated with cloud, each organization’s cloud journey, strategy, and goals, management practices around cloud, multiple measures of financial and operational performance, and the impact of cloud on innovation and sustainability outcomes.

Mujjo Launches New Cases For The iPhone 13 Series

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Good things can come in big packages (acing an interview, a surprise trip away, or the new iPhone 13 Pro Max) and in more subtle ways (that much needed cup of coffee, a smile, or iPhone 13 mini). Your favorite leather cases from Mujjo are now available for iPhone 13, this time with improved protection.

Yet another good thing to come your way!

Just like with iPhone 13, the little things that sometimes go unnoticed make all the difference to the big picture. Take, for example, their stitching lines that elegantly and securely hold your wallet compartment to the back of your case, the leather covered power and volume buttons, or the neatly chamfered opening that makes accessing the mute button easy and comfortable. They’ve made sure these are just right, no compromise.

Mujjo knows how important the details are, no matter how big or small – every detail has been triple checked to make sure the finished product is nothing short of perfection.

What’s new this year?

  • Firstly, they’ve neatly covered the bottom of the device to provide extra protection and they’ve made sure to leave the charging port and the speakers uncovered to allow easy access for the charging cable and an unrestricted listening experience.
  • Secondly, the cases now come with a raised bezel around the rear camera to protect the protruding lenses against scratches from abrasive surfaces.

Defining features

  • To protect the display, the leather rises 1mm above the edge of the glass, creating a raised bezel that keeps abrasive surfaces away from your screen.
  • Made from high-quality, full grain, vegetable tanned leather, our cases age beautifully – and with a patina unique to each user.
  • A luxurious Japanese microfiber, with a sophisticated satin-like finish, lines the inside.
  • Volume and power buttons are fully covered in leather, specifically designed for responsiveness.
  • Available with a wallet that stores up to 3 bank or ID cards, allowing ease of access and minimal clutter in your life.

The new line-up will be available in three gorgeous colourways: 

Signature Tan
This vivid caramel brings the perfect balance between sophistication and playfulness (and mellows to a deep and dark amber over time).

Monaco Blue
A deep shade of blue which reveals hints of purple and green under different lighting – fit for any occasion, while remaining formal when it needs to.

Low-key Black
The classic solid black tone brings uniformity and makes a powerful statement.

Available with a wallet

By adding a leather pocket card to the back, we’ve designed this wallet case for extra life-on-the-go convenience. The case carries up to 3 cards (5 once the leather softens) – perfect for your debit/credit cards, or driver’s license – keeping everything you need in one sleek package. Grab your wallet case and keys, and you’re ready to go.

Whether you treat yourself to the mini or go all out with the Pro Max, you’ll notice their uncompromising attention to detail will make the little things seem like a big deal.

Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, the cases start at US$44.90, ranging up to US$54.90 and EUR €44.90 ranging up to EUR €54,90 (incl. VAT for European customers).

Available to order on (ships worldwide).

My Thoughts On What Was Announced During Today’s Apple Event

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Every time Apple does one of their events, people ask me about what I think about what was announced. Thus I took a deep dive on everything that was announced so that you can make the best purchasing decision possible. So let’s have a look at what was announced:

iPad: Well, there’s not much to see here. On the surface this seems to be a decent upgrade. Apple did cut some corners with Bluetooth support as it “only” supports Bluetooth 4.2 in an era where Bluetooth 5.x is a thing. Ditto for the fact that it also comes with 802.11ac WiFi instead of 802.11ax WiFi as that is the new hotness. But other than that, it’s the same iPad that’s been around for a while now. Only faster. And the fact that it works with accessories that you may already have if you’re upgrading from an older iPad is a big plus. One thing that I will note is that you have a choice of 64GB and 256GB storage options. There’s nothing in the middle which is a bit of a #Fail as it forces you to spend more than you may want to if you need more storage.

iPad Mini: Apple didn’t cut corners here as it’s pretty up to date with USB-C, 802.11ax WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 and second generation Apple Pencil support. Though like the iPad above, you again only get 64GB and 256GB storage options. Other than that, this new iPad Mini seems pretty solid at first glance.

Apple Watch Series 7: This at first glance looks like Apple addressed a bunch of things that have been irritants for Apple Watch owners. It has IP6X dust resistance for the first time which to be frank Apple should have done years ago. It also has a screen that is more durables it offers better shatter resistance. That’s important as the ION-X glass isn’t that durable, and you have to spend a lot of money to get the Sapphire glass which is more durable. But it doesn’t seems to be any more scratch resistant which is a #Fail. Said screen is bigger now and it allows you to have a full keyboard which makes responding to text messages or emails something that is practical for the first time. It charges faster as they’ve moved to USB-C for the charging. But that via reading the fine print requires the Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter for it to work. Which is handy as it still has 18 hours of battery life which is another #Fail. Tech specs are not available so it makes it a bit hard to judge what changes were made under the hood. But I can say that there are no health sensors that have been added. Thus as it stands, I find no compelling reasons to upgrade if you have a Series 6. But if you have a Series 5 or earlier, you might have a reason to upgrade.

UPDATE: 9to5Mac has evidence that the internals of the Apple Watch Series 7 are basically the Series 6 internals. Another reason that the Series 7 is not a compelling upgrade.

iPhone 13/13 Mini: The big news is the battery life improvements. Apple now promises “all day battery life” with the Mini. That’s huge as the battery life on the iPhone 12 Mini wasn’t very good. Storage starts at 128GB and goes as high as 512GB. The display notch at the top of the screen is slightly smaller in width. Apple says about 20% smaller for those who care about the size of the notch. It’s faster as usual. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 camera system is better. The lenses now take in more light, with 46% more light gathering capability at a f/1.6 aperture on the main wide camera. Sensor shift optical image stabilization is now available for the first time on the entry-models. For video, Apple has added a rack focus effect that they call ‘Cinematic Mode’, somewhat similar to Portrait mode photos but for video. Cinematic Mode focuses on a subject and adjusts focus as they move around the frame. 5G support on iPhone has been expanded with upgraded radios in the iPhone 13. Apple will double 5G compatibility to more than 200 carries across 60 countries. This makes the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini the phone that most users should get.

iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max: The big news is that Apple finally has ProMotion display technology that can refresh from 10Hz to 120Hz. Thus Apple catches up to pretty much every Android phone. The cameras have of course improved:

  • 77mm telephoto camera with 3x optical camera
  • Ultra Wide camera with 92% boost in low light , f/1.8 aperture, auto-focus, 6-element lens
  • Wide camera: f/1.5 aperture, up to 2.2x improvement in low light
  • New macro photography features for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Night mode available across all three lenses 
  • New camera filter options, “Photographic Styles” will be available on iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro features Cinematic Mode for video, which is basically the same thing as Portrait Mode but for video. Other features include focus tracking and the ability to adjust the focus after recording
  • Macro slow mo video recording on ultra wide camera
  • ProRes video coming to iPhone 13 Pro later this year

If you care about photography, this will be the iPhone to get. iPhone 13 Pro offers 1.5 hours longer battery life than iPhone 12 Pro, while iPhone 13 Pro Max offers 2.5 hours longer battery life than iPhone 12 Pro Max. And there’s a 1TB option. This may entice me to upgrade from my iPhone 12 Pro.

UPDATE: The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max with 128GB of storage do not work with ProRes video at 4K resolution. This is found on Apple’s tech specs page:

That makes the 128GB models a must pass if you’re interested in ProRes at 4K resolution.

Now, what did you not see in the presentation? Here’s a list:

  • The leather loop Apple Watch bands are dead.
  • There’s a new Apple Wallet for MagSafe that has FindMy functionality.
  • iPhone 13/13 Pro has Dual eSIM support for the first time.
  • AirTag accessories have been refreshed with new colors
  • There are new silicon and leather cases for the iPhone 13/13 Pro
  • An Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable with a max length of 1M is now available.
  • iPad Pro & Air also gain ‘English lavender’ smart folios

A replay of the entire event is now available below:

TELUS Ventures Recognized As A Global Leader In Diversity & Inclusion 

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TELUS Ventures, the strategic investment arm of TELUS and one of Canada’s most active corporate venture capital (CVC) funds, has been awarded the Diversity VC Standard Level 2 certification for its work in advancing diversity and inclusion in the global VC and CVC industry. 

The Diversity VC Standard is an assessment and certification process that sets a benchmark for best practices in Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in venture capital (VC) and sends a signal to the rest of the ecosystem that a fund follows D&I best practices. TELUS Ventures is the first Canadian VC and first North American CVC to receive Diversity VC’s Level 2 certification, given to funds recognized as leading the charge on D&I policies. 

TELUS Ventures is ahead of the curve as one of the few active VCs in Canada ensuring its portfolio companies hold themselves to the same high standard. 

With the strong belief that diversity and inclusion also builds more innovative and successful companies, TELUS Ventures provides its portfolio companies with access to tools, resources, and networks to succeed in their own diversity and inclusion initiatives based on best practice and industry experience. This includes: 

  • Establishing partnerships with diversity and inclusion organizations, such as Black Innovation Capital and the DMZ’s Black Innovation Program
  • Promoting internal programs and policies to minimize bias during the investment process
  • Setting and measuring diversity and inclusion-related goals included in the fund’s investment strategy
  • Assessing diversity and inclusion throughout the portfolio annually

The Diversity VC Standard was launched on 9th September 2020 pioneered by 15 leading funds across Europe and Canada to provide VCs with the tools and recommended practices they need to open their networks and make funding available to underrepresented founders, as well as the resources needed to cultivate an environment where founders and colleagues from all backgrounds feel they belong in the industry and the ecosystem. The Diversity VC Standard is powered by Diversity VC, a not-for-profit dedicated to advancing D&I in venture capital, and Diversio, the people intelligence platform that measures, tracks, and improves diversity & inclusion. For more information, please visit

As the strategic investment arm of TELUS Corporation, TELUS Ventures is one of Canada’s most active corporate venture capital funds. TELUS Ventures invests globally in companies from Seed to Pre-IPO with a focus on innovative technologies such as AgTech, HealthTech, Connected Consumer, IoT, AI, and Security to actively drive new solutions across the TELUS ecosystem. Led by a team of experienced operators, investors and executives, the Ventures team is passionate about creating positive social impact through financial tools and has invested in more than 90 companies since inception. For more information please visit

Infosec Awards $120,000 in Security Education Scholarships to Help Close Cyber Skills and Diversity Gap 

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Infosec today announced 12 recipients of the 2021 Infosec Accelerate Scholarship. Established in 2018 to encourage new talent to join the cybersecurity industry and close the growing skills gap, the program awards lifetime access to Infosec Skills to help recipients launch and advance their cybersecurity careers. 

2021 Infosec Accelerate Scholarship winners are: 

Infosec Accelerate Women Scholarship 

  • Rachel Jones
  • Edelia McDaniel
  • Oriana Lau

Infosec Accelerate BIPOC Scholarship 

  • La’Neyshia Drew
  • Armaan Kapoor
  • Jorge Almengor

Infosec Accelerate Military and Veteran Scholarship 

  • Ryan Bardes
  • Ryan Gordon
  • Hugh Shepherd

Infosec Accelerate LGBTQI+ Scholarship 

  • Steff Allen

Infosec Accelerate Undergraduate Scholarship 

  • Olivia Galluci
  • Tyson Rhodes
  • Chanthea Quinland

Infosec’s technical skill development platform, Infosec Skills, includes over 1,200 resources to assess teams and close skills gaps with hands-on cyber ranges, projects and courses. Scholarship recipients have access to the newly released Infosec Skills cyber range, where cyber professionals can learn to defend against MITRE ATT&CK® Matrix for Enterprise tactics and techniques, perform penetration tests and write secure code hands-on. Labs inside the cyber ranges guide learners through realistic scenarios inside the operating environments they’d encounter on the job — with clear learning objectives and actionable lessons.

Scholarship recipients will also receive complimentary access to the Infosec Inspire User Conference, where they will be recognized. The only virtual event of its kind, Inspire is hyper-focused on building a culture of security — equipping cybersecurity leaders with knowledge and insights to develop employee cyber skills, strengthen security awareness and make a lasting impact. Learn more about Infosec Inspire here.