Rogers Continues To Struggle With Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Messaging While Bell Circles To Steal Their Customers

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It really seems that Rogers continues to muddy the waters with how they are communicating to customers when it comes to the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE. When I last covered this story, readers brought to me examples where Rogers had flipped away from pointing at the lack of eSIM support as being the cause of them not supporting the latest Apple Watch, which was a contradiction to earlier statement that the telco has made. Now, thanks to my readers bringing it to my attention, it seems that they have done it again. This person pinged Rogers on Twitter:

Rogers responded with this:

Seeing as they keep flip flopping on this, who knows what the actual truth is. By the way, what is an “iWatch?”

Strangely, this isn’t their biggest problem at the moment. This is:

It seems that Bell who has full support for the Apple Watch Series 3 since late September is looking to snatch every Rogers customer that they can get. And that’s more than conjecture. I had off the record conversations with several Bell employees at various levels in the telco, and the the word is out to target disaffected Rogers customers who are not happy with Rogers lack of support for the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE. That’s a problem if you’re Rogers. With Telus planning on having support for the latest Apple Watch on December 1st, I’m going guess that this problem is going to get worse for Rogers.

So the net result is that Rogers issues now go beyond messaging. Though not having consistent messaging doesn’t help their cause. It’s now becoming a threat to them retaining customers. Not a good place to be if you’re Canada’s largest Telco.

UPDATE: Another reader just sent me this which is not likely to help with their cause:

Since what was sent to me was an image, I hand typed the URL mentioned in the Tweet and it takes me to I’m not sure that this is going to keep customers from defecting to the competition.




RCA Launches Their First 4K Roku TVs In Canada

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RCA today announced the release of its 4K UHD RCA Roku TVs as part of its line of smart TVs running the Roku OS. Prices begin at CAD 599.99 MSRP.


The 4K UHD RCA Roku TV line includes a 65” for CAD 1,299.99 MSRP, 55” for CAD 699.99 MSRP and a 50” for CAD 599.99 MSRP. The 4K TVs are the latest additions to the RCA Roku TV line which launched this summer including 50” HD, 43” HD and 32” models, starting at CAD 249.99 MSRP.

The 4K UHD RCA Roku TVs leverage the Roku platform and run the Roku operating system to provide RCA customers with an easy-to-use smart TV. In Canada, customers have quick access to more than 4,000 channels and 100,000+ movies and TV episodes as well as fast and easy Roku search, which offers an unbiased look across top streaming channels to find movies and TV shows with results ranked by price.

The 4K UHD RCA Roku TVs are available starting today from and Walmart Canada.

Should You Format Your Mac Hard Drive To Be Case Sensitive Or Not Case Sensitive?

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Recently I had to fix an issue with my wife’s MacBook Pro by backing up her data, formatting her drive, and restoring her data. But that resulted in several people e-mailing me to ask a question. When I format the drive using Disk Utility, should one use case sensitive or not?

Now this is a good question as Apple doesn’t make this clear. Let me begin to answer this question by explaining the difference between the two as that is more than you think it is. Case sensitive formatting allows files of the same name but some difference in letter case to be in the same directory (or folder in macOS terms). Now that sounds like an advantage, but it isn’t. I say that because the standard drive formatting that comes on any computer from Apple is not case sensitive. And software companies design their software to the Apple standard. Which means that if you format a drive using case sensitive formatting, you run the risk of having your software not work. Examples of this off the top of my head are the Steam client and Adobe products which are known not to play nice with case sensitive formatting. There are likely others as well, which means the safe route in terms of formatting a Mac hard drive is to go with a non case sensitive format.

In closing, I’d like to point you towards this Apple support document that talks about how to format a drive. It hasn’t been updated for High Sierra for whatever reason, but it is very detailed and worth a read.

Now Might Be The Time To Get An Apple Watch

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Seeing as I have a Series 2 Apple Watch, I get a lot of questions about how useful it is. For yours truly, the use case is pretty compelling as I detailed in my review. But for most people, beyond the fitness functions, that isn’t the case. But I think that’s about to change because of two recent developments:

  1. The Apple Watch Series 3 With LTE: For the first time, we now have an Apple Watch that for the most part, is independent of the iPhone. By the most part I mean that it has to be paired with the iPhone, and said iPhone has to be on and connected to the Internet via WiFi or cellular, but beyond that, it doesn’t have to be anywhere near the watch. That starts to move the conversation away from the Apple Watch being an iPhone accessory to being more of a independent device that is capable of doing way more than it does now. Sure there is some work that still has to be done. For example, it would be nice if Apple made paring it with an iPhone optional, and it would be nice if you could roam overseas with it. But all things considered, this is a major step forward.
  2. All Apple Watch apps need to be native apps by next year: Apple just yesterday announced that as of April 1, 2018, Apple Watch apps need to be native apps. That means that as of that date, any app on the watchOS platform needs to be able to connect anywhere and anytime, even without a phone nearby. It also means that apps will likely run faster as well and be more stable. But the reason why you should case is that if you have the LTE version of the Apple Watch Series 3, it will make it even more independent than it actually is. Though I suspect that owners of Series 2 Apple Watches will see some benefit as well.

These two moves will create a use case that will make Apple hard to beat in the wearables space in which they already are number one. In short, it will create a use case to a very broad set of users that will make the Apple Watch a compelling purchase. And as they address the things that I mentioned in point number one, it only strengthens that position.

Thus if you are on the fence about getting an Apple Watch, now might be the time to get one as Apple is clearly making moves to ensure that you have a reason to get one that is extremely compelling, and their number one position in the wearables market is solidified.

iRig Keys I/O for iOS and Mac/PC Shipping

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IK Multimedia is proud to announce that iRig Keys I/O, the revolutionary keyboard controller range featuring a built-in audio interface, is now shipping worldwide. iRig Keys I/O is much more than just a simple controller, it is a true studio centerpiece providing users with a flexible way to complete their music productions from start to end using a single piece of equipment that is unmatched for speed and simplicity of use. iRig Keys I/O comes with either 25 or 49 full-size keys offering a synth-action keybed and integrates a professional, high-definition 96kHz/24-bit audio interface with a high-performance Class A preamp allowing users to record their instruments and microphones (including condenser mics requiring 48V phantom power) via its convenient combo 1/4″/XLR input. Plus, it provides all the creative controls expected from a premium keyboard controller such as velocity sensitive, multicolored pads, programmable touch-sensitive sliders, buttons and assignable knobs
Built-in professional audio interface for studio quality sound
iRig Keys I/O is the only keyboard controller range currently available on the market to feature an integrated professional 96kHz/24-bit audio interface. The intelligent, elegant layout makes it possible to keep all cabling to a minimum and makes setting up as fast and easy as just plug and play. The combo input sports a high-quality Class A preamp and accepts both 1/4″ and XLR sources including dynamic and condenser microphones (with 48V phantom power), line instruments, guitars and basses. When used live, the 1/4″ balanced stereo output can be used to run the signal directly to a PA or mixer. All of this makes iRig Keys I/O the ideal creative tool for studio or live use, in any situation, providing a solution that is more convenient and affordable than having to purchase a controller and audio interface separately.

Full control at the touch of a finger
iRig Keys I/O represents a huge step forward and introduces the next generation of IK keyboards. Both models feature a fast synth-action keybed, a volume/data push knob, 4 touch-sensitive knobs in 2 banks (acting as 8 total controls) and 8 multicolored LED-lit velocity sensitive pads. There are also 2 fully programmable touch control strips, set by default as Pitch and Modulation controls and a complete touch sensitive transport and button section, for a true “hands-on” approach to controlling all the most important functions of a DAW or virtual instrument. All available controls exploit the latest-generation capacitive technology for ultra-fast action and immediate feedback, displaying the related parameter value at the touch of a finger for instant visual reference.

True plug-and-play
iRig Keys I/O is Apple certified MFi hardware (Made for iPhone and iPad) which means it works right out of the box with all iOS devices with a Lightning port, including the latest iPhone. The included Lightning cable allows for easy connection to iOS devices while the included USB cable connects to Mac and PC computers. iRig Keys I/O works seamlessly with the most popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) like Logic Pro, Ableton Live, GarageBand and many others.

The traveling producer’s dream
iRig Keys I/O 25 & 49 are the smallest controllers with full-size keys on the market today and are 25% lighter than the nearest competitor. This is a great advantage when working on the road, in small studios or in any environment where space is at a premium. Their design makes them also ideal for the traveling musician/producer who demands utmost portability but without sacrificing performance. Furthermore, iRig Keys I/O can be powered via USB, using an optional external power supply (that simultaneously charges the connected iOS device) or with 4 AA batteries, for complete mobile music production. For added convenience there are travel bags, available separately, for carrying the 25 key and 49 key versions of iRig Keys I/O. For recording vocals on the go, iRig Keys I/O Mic (sold separately), is a gooseneck condenser microphone that plugs directly into the input jack eliminating the need for a stand.

Full suite of professional software included
With over $/€550 (in the 25-key version) and $/€750 (in the 49-key version) worth of IK’s professional software and apps included, iRig Keys I/O provides users with everything they need to start, develop and complete their musical productions from A to Z, both inside a professional DAW or using recording software like GarageBand. Included in both versions of iRig Keys I/O is Ableton® Live 9 Lite digital audio workstation, IK’s SampleTank 3 sound and groove workstation, with over 43GB and 5000 inspiring sounds, T-RackS 4 Deluxe mix and mastering suite, with 9 powerful EQ and dynamics processors and the Pro-V vintage synthesizer, which is derived from Syntronik, IK’s legendary synth powerhouse for Mac/PC. iPhone and iPad users will also receive the full version of SampleTank. Additionally, the 49-key version comes with Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE orchestral workstation for Mac/PC and the mobile edition for iOS.

Pricing and availability
iRig Keys I/O is available from the IK Multimedia online store and IK authorized dealers worldwide for just $/€299.99 for the 49-key version and $/€199.99 for the 25-key version. In addition to the massive bundle of included software, iRig Keys I/O comes with 4 x AA batteries, Mini-DIN to USB and Mini-DIN to Lightning cables and a device stand for iPhone and iPad.

For more information, please visit: or watch this demo:

OpenText joins Dell EMC Select Partner Program

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OpenText has announced that it has signed a definitive reseller agreement with Dell EMC establishing OpenText as a reseller partner within Dell EMC’s Select Partner Program. The agreement initially includes OpenText InfoArchive to help enhance Dell EMC offerings focused on IT transformation. This combination paves the way to help enterprise customers modernize and transform IT infrastructures. InfoArchive will be immediately available through Dell EMC’s sales channels.

OpenText InfoArchive and Dell EMC’s services and storage solutions enable enterprises to securely manage legacy information from multiple applications and sources, without the requirement to maintain expensive legacy applications.

OpenText InfoArchive enables enterprises to target applications suitable for archiving and retirement, and manage all associated structured and unstructured information. InfoArchive can assist enterprises in the requirement to retain legacy and past-era applications, while providing continuous access to valuable data and information, and ensure compliance with governance and retention policies. InfoArchive works with Dell EMC’s storage platforms such as Isilon and ECS, and Dell EMC’s Application Archiving and Retirement Service, to enhance customer compliance, accessibility and information analytics capabilities.
OpenText enables organizations to gain insight through market leading information management solutions, on-premises or in the cloud. For more information about OpenText visit

Kaspersky Denies It Pwned NSA Staffers Computer

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The ongoing saga of under siege antivirus maker Kaspersky continues. When we last talked about this, the company had put out a report that said that it accidentally swiped NSA documents off a staffer’s computer. Well, they’ve now released a report that basically tries to paint a story that it wasn’t them who did the swiping. While you can read the report for the full details, the company now claims that Russian hackers installed software on the computer in question to access and steal sensitive data. On top of that, the company claims that the user of this computer disabled his Kaspersky antivirus software to install pirated software which led to additional pwnage. Thus the implication is that the US are mad at the wrong group of Russians.

I am really not sure this is going to make this issue go away as I have to think that their reputation is completely destroyed at this point. Thus while this report might make for some interesting reading for a bit, it won’t change anyone’s mind in terms of how the company is viewed.