How To Avoid Windows Vista When Buying Your Next Computer

Being in the IT industry, I’m often asked to help people with their computer issues from time to time. Lately, I’ve noted that I’m being asked by many people about how to get a computer with Windows XP rather than Windows Vista. It seems that if you walk into Best Buy and other big box stores, all you see is Vista everywhere with no sign of XP. So, if you don’t want your next computer to come with Windows Vista, what are your options? My suggestion is to buy a computer from either Dell, HP or Lenovo. All three companies still sell Windows XP on their computers and they make the process dead easy.

In the case of Dell, your best option is to check the small and medium business section of their website as that gives you the the most options as to desktops and notebooks with Windows XP (both home and pro editions). The home and home office section of their website also offers computers with XP, but you’re restricted to a few models. So your best to stick to the small and medium business section.

In the case of Lenovo, it’s even easier. Most of their models come with a choice of XP or Vista. So it would be in your interest to browse their website to see what they have on offer. Chances are they have something that will fit your needs.

HP mirrors Dell by sticking any of their XP offerings into their small and medium business section, but they take it one step further. They offer no options for XP in their home section. At least Dell has a few options in their home section and Lenovo offer some consumer level products with XP as well. In my mind, that’s a bonus point for both Dell and Lenovo as they at least offer something for people who want to shop in the home and home office space.

Remember, Microsoft has set XP’s lifespan to June 30th 2008. So if you want a new computer with Windows XP, you need to move quickly. But at least you have options for your next computer.

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