Windows Vista SP1 – Day Two

I’ve now played with Windows Vista SP1 for a day or so and I’ve noticed some subtle improvements to the OS: 

  • Network Diagnostics – One of the things that Microsoft got right on day one was the ability for Vista to help you solve networking issues. This has improved in SP1 to a huge degree.
  • There used to be a pause of 20 – 30 seconds between pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del and getting a log-in prompt on the Vista Business machine that my company uses for testing purposes. This no longer seems to be the case post SP1. 
  • The same Vista Business computer would hang when coming out of hibernation. This too is gone. 
  • Vista SP1 does away with the Search item on Vista’s start menu. With the original Vista, Microsoft set Windows Search Explorer as the default, but you can now change this to use the desktop search program of your choice, such as Google Desktop. I’m guessing that the anti-trust issues that Microsoft has “encouraged” them to make this change. 
  • My Vista computer now reboots faster, so the posts regarding this that I found on Google were accurate. 

So far I’ve found nothing negative about SP1, which is likely a good thing. More impressions as I get them.

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