Open A Bank Account, Get A Eee PC For Free!

In what is likely the coolest promo EVER, RBC Royal Bank here in Canada has a promotion where you get an Asus Eee PC when you switch to their checking account service. That’s right, you get an actual computer after completing the move (and dealing with a lot of red tape). That beats the toasters, calculators, pens, and guns that other banks give away. Keep in mind that this is the version that comes with LINUX, but throwing XP on it is easy to do once you pirate acquire a XP license and read the manual.

2 Responses to “Open A Bank Account, Get A Eee PC For Free!”

  1. I love this role reversal. Read the manual to install XP on a Linux-preloaded computer instead of read the manual to install Linux on an XP-preloaded computer.

  2. That’s really cool. The Eee PC is a really neat little computer.

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