Hey IT Nerd: Can I Have Two Wireless Routers On My Network?

I got this question via e-mail from a frequent reader of my blog:

“I have a question about routers.  I have a wireless router on my main floor and I have a wire running to the basement.  Problem is that the wire is located in a part of the basement that I do not use.  I was thinking of putting another wireless router there.  First, is it possible to have 2 wireless routers working off the same internet connection?  Second, how would I go about doing that?”

Thanks for the question!

The way that I would do based on what your e-mail said it is to not put a second router down there. Instead you should look at a wireless access point. The whole point of these devices is that it allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network using WiFi. It’s a great way to extend wireless access to difficult to get to places such as your basement. I can think of two such devices from Linksys and D-Link that do exactly what you’re looking for. There are others as well, so you should look around and see what fits your needs.

Another option for those who have an Apple Airport Extreme, is to add an Airport Express to the mix. It has the ability to take an existing wireless network and extend it wirelessly. That’s right, no wires required. The process is brain dead simple.

Finally if you do have a couple of routers, some routers may have an access point feature built in. The process of configuring this is tricky, but here’s an example of how to do just that. If you feel like experimenting, this could be an option.

Hope that helps!

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