Review: Garmin Nuvi 1350LMT – Part 2: The GPS

Let’s start with the specs. The Garmin Nuvi 1350LMT is a 4.3” touch-screen with a MicroSD card slot to add extra content (pictures, additional maps, etc). It comes with a battery that lasts 4 hours, but you can plug it into your car power adapter. It’s preloaded with North America maps. Speaking of the maps, it has free lifetime updates for the maps (as long you’re the original owner). Just make sure you have plenty of time to update the maps and the OS for the GPS. It took me almost an hour to do both after I got the GPS. But it’s well worth it.

Now here’s some cool features of the GPS:

  • It tracks your speed and will display your speed in red if you are exceeding the speed limit.
  • It logs where you’ve been and you can download this to your computer (or erase it if you have something to hide).
  • There’s a feature called ecoRoute which has a “less fuel” option to your routing choices and gives you fuel and mileage reports, estimated fuel cost for trips, and even a “driving challenge” to improve your fuel efficiency.
  • There’s a feature called CityXplorer where you can use it as a handheld GPS and get routing info via public transit. However you’ll have to spring for the maps to do so and they go for $10 to $15 for each map.
  • There’s text-to-speech, so you’ll hear “drive one-half mile, then turn left on Main Street.”
  • You get lifetime traffic alerts which warns you of traffic ahead of you both visually and via speech. What you get depends on where you are though.
  • The interface is very customizable. You can tweak it to make it look or sound the way you want it. You can add custom icons, voices (including Darth Vader and Yoda) and even add your own voice using free software from Garmin.
  • You can add favorite places via Google Maps as long as the GPS is connected via USB to your computer. Plus it works with Windows and Mac.

How does this GPS perform. Quite well I must say. I’ve got it set to find me the fastest route that uses the least amount of gas, and I’ve discovered that a lot of the routes to places that I’ve used for years haven’t be as fast or as fuel efficient as I thought they were. The traffic alerts are kind of handy, and the visual cues for driving green (a leaf that turns red if you’re driving badly, yellow if you’re only doing okay, or green if you’re driving fuel efficiently) are nice to have. The screen is clear and readable in all light.

Would I recommend it? Totally. If you want a GPS for your car, check out the Garmin Nuvi 1350LMT. You won’t be disappointed.

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