Review: Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth Headset [UPDATED]

Frequent readers of this blog will know that I have very bad luck with Bluetooth headsets. I’ve lost one in airport security and another I lost another one somehow. My latest one got caught in the wash because I didn’t check my shirt pockets. Well, that’s a #fail.

Thus my new Bluetooth headset de jour is the Jabra EASYGO. Now it’s affordable priced at $50. but it does have a fair amount of features. For starters, it’s a lightweight headset that you can customize the fit. If you spend the time to figure out what earpiece is best for you and if you need an earhook, you can have a headset that is extremely comfortable. I can wear it all day without even feeling it. Second is the battery life. You can expect to get 6 hours of talk time and 8 days of standby time. I can say that I can get at least five hours of talk time which is excellent. The sound from the earpiece is extremely good and the the person on the other end of the conversation have reported that my voice sounded natural and clear with the odd echo. One thing that I like is the fact it recharges either through an included AC adapter or via a MicroUSB cable similar to one that a Blackberry uses. That means I can leave the charger at home and use my Blackberry cable to recharge it. The best thing that I like is the fact that it’s small and discreet with no flashing lights as I prefer not to look like a member of the Borg when wearing one of these things.

Gripes? Only one. The on off switch is in a dumb place. You have to move the earhook out of the way to access it at the top edge of the headset next to the earpiece. Other than that, you should seriously look at this headset. You’re not going to find anything at this price point that’s as good.

Now, let’s hope it survives.

UPDATE: I almost lost it at a client’s location today. Good thing I was able to retrieve it. See, I really don’t have luck with Bluetooth headsets.

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