Hey IT Nerd! How Do I Get My E-Mail When I Am Away From Home?

I got this rather interesting e-mail from a reader yesterday:

I am going on vacation in a weeks time. My ISP doesn’t have webmail access and I want to be able to get my e-mail while on vacation. However I don’t want to buy a laptop to do so as I prefer to simply go to a cybercafe instead. Any ideas?

My first comment is that whomever your ISP is, you need to get a new one. It’s 2012 and if your ISP doesn’t have webmail access, that truly qualifies as a #fail. Webmail isn’t that hard to implement as it comes with most commercial and open source e-mail servers that are out there. So there’s truly no excuse. Having said that, here is what I would recommend using a free service called. Mail2Web.com which allows you in most cases to access your e-mail through a web based interface. It works quite well and has no learning curve other than you knowing your e-mail address and the password to your account. Try it before you go and I think you’ll find it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

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