Review: The Missing Sync For Android 2.0.1 For Mac

I recently got a call from a client who was moving to Mac but she also wanted use her new Samsung Galaxy Nexus smart phone on her Mac. Samsung didn’t seem to have any sync software for it, so she was stuck. I did some research and found that the only option that was available was a piece of software called The Missing Sync For Android from a company called Mark/Space. I had heard of them before having used their product for Mac and Blackberry years ago and that worked well. So I was hopeful that this software would do the job.

After downloading the software I installed it and that was very easy. Although I will note that when I downloaded the software from the download link it, it downloaded version 2.0. Upon the first time I ran it, it notified me that there was an update to version 2.0.1 which I downloaded and installed. One wonders why I wasn’t able to download the most up to date version right from the start. In any case, after installing it, configuring it was dead easy. First I had to set it up to sync my customer’s contacts, tasks and appointments from Microsoft Outlook 2011 as well as add photos that she takes on the phone to her copy of iPhoto. On the Outlook end, I had to enable sync services so that it would talk properly to the Missing Sync. On the Galaxy Nexus side, I had to download a bunch of apps from the Google Play (aka: Android Market) to install on her smart phone. Those apps were:

All these apps were free. You can also sync bookmarks from Safari and videos, but I didn’t enable these features as my customer didn’t need those features. If you’re wondering about contacts, I didn’t need to download anything as they went straight into the contacts app on her Galaxy Nexus.

Once I did all that, things got really cool. The Missing Sync can sync over USB or via WiFi or Bluetooth. I set it up to sync over WiFi and watched the magic. As long as the Mac and the Galaxy Nexus were on the same wireless network, it would auto sync every hour. The first sync took a while. But every sync after that only seemed to be a couple of minutes. It also means that my customer didn’t have to worry about plugging in a USB cable to make sure that she had all the latest updates in her copy of Outlook or on her smart phone. It would just transparently happen which makes things easy for her.

So would I recommend The Missing Sync For Android? In short, yes. It was simple to install and it works as advertised. If you don’t have an Android phone, no problem. Mark/Space makes The Missing Sync for Blackberry, iPhone, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, Nokia, or HTC Touch phones on the Mac, PC or both platforms depending on the phone. So chances are they have something for you. If the other versions of their software work as well as their Android version for Mac, then you will love having their software on your PC or MAC.

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