Review: eWallet For iOS

During my wife’s transition to the iPhone, there’s one app on her Palm Centro that she really wanted to have on her iPhone. That was eWallet by Ilium Software. In short, it is a password manager that also stores other info such as credit card info, security questions, and identification numbers. The plus is that it is stored in an AES-256 bit encrypted database. That means that nobody will get access to your info. Ever.

The software comes in two parts. A client that you install on your Windows PC or Mac, and an app that you install on your iDevice. They sync over WiFi and the process is easy to set up and use. Another plus, even though you have to shell out $9.99 for the iOS app, you can use it on all your iDevices.

In terms of usage. my wife finds it extremely easy to use and I didn’t have to teach her anything or get her to read a manual. That means that it’s well designed software. Also, I should note that their tech support has been excellent. I contacted them on a Saturday afternoon to ask them how to migrate from their Palm OS version to the iOS version. In 24 hours I not only had my answer, but I had clear step-by-step instructions to get the job done. Nice!

If you need a secure password and info manager, strongly consider eWallet. And if you don’t have an iDevice, you might want to consider eWallet Go which comes in Windows Phone 7 and Android flavors.

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