Review: Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone – Part 3

So let me wrap up a few loose ends here:

  • In terms of the navigation software, two things I noticed. First is that it would beep if you exceeded the speed limit. This was annoying at first and it can be turned off. But here’s why you don’t want to do that. If you’re in an unfamiliar place where the speed limit is strictly enforced (parts of the US for example) you want this feature enabled. The second thing I noticed is that the speech was very European. It would say things like “follow the course of the road” which for North Americans (like my wife) might be a bit weird to hear. But for me (having been born in England) it didn’t bother me. 
  • The battery life is pretty good with the phone lasting just over a day and a bit which is handy as the battery is non-removable. The only way I could drive the battery life down was to use the GPS which is not all that surprising as using GPS on any phone will absolutely hammer battery life.
  • I did notice that if your hands are sweaty, moist, or you put some hand cream on your hands, this phone becomes VERY difficult to hold. A case is a must if you want to keep this phone in one piece.
  • Similar to the HTC 8X I could not figure out how to upload to YouTube. So the video that I posted yesterday took a trip from the phone, to SkyDrive, to my MacBook Pro, to YouTube. Many users will find this to be a major issue.
  • Rogers just told me that the phone is not only available in black, but it’s also available in red, white and yellow. Also, there’s a contest ongoing where you can win one as well.

So, what did I think of the Lumia 920? Compared to the HTC 8X, it’s far more feature complete and usable and I think it’s the choice for those who want a Windows Phone. In fact, it would be a great choice for anyone looking for a smart phone. It has a great camera, great sound, and great apps including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn support. My only reservation is that the app ecosystem for Windows Phone 8 is still something that is growing. You may not be able to find the apps you’re looking for in the short term, so keep that in mind when considering this phone or any Windows Phone. Hopefully more developers come on board to make that issue go away. You’re also tied to Microsoft’s online services such as Hotmail and SkyDrive, but that’s no different than Apple and the iCloud.

Bottom line: This is a great phone. It’s very much worth a serious look.


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