Review: MobileFun 4-in-1 Charge And Sync Cable

If you have a BlackBerry, you have to have a Micro USB cable handy. If you have an iPod or iPhone, then you need Lightning or 30-pin cables handy. And if you travel and you take all these devices with you, your chances of losing one of those cables is high. That’s why MobileFun’s 4-in-1 Charge And Sync Cable is so handy. Now frequent readers will recall that when I posted this last week, I called it the 3-in-1 Charge And Sync Cable. That’s because it has three connectors on it:

  • Apple Lightning
  • Apple 30 pin
  • Micro USB

So on the surface, this cable is misnamed. But now that I got my hands on it, I discovered one neat trick. The Apple 30-pin connector doubles as a connector for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Thus you’ve got your fourth connector. You have to flip it over to the required side of the cable use the connector that you need and both sides are also clearly labeled so that you don’t make a mistake. Nice!

This cable also allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time as well. The quality of the cable is good and I believe it will survive being in your pocket or in your laptop bag without a problem. If there’s perhaps a weakness, it’s the length of the cable. At 23cm, the cable is either the perfect length as it doesn’t take up a lot of space while allowing you to connect three devices at the same time, or it is too short because depending on the application. Example: I tried this cable in my Toyota Matrix with the intention of using it to keep my iPhone charged while providing the ability for “guests” to charge their phones if needed. The cable wasn’t long enough to allow me to put my iPhone in the cubbyhole that I usually place it in which is at the back of the center console. Fortunately for me, there was another cubbyhole at the front of the center console for me to put my iPhone into. Now if you’re traveling, the length of the cable will not be an issue. But if you do need a longer cable such as in a desktop computer where the CPU is on the floor, a USB extension cable would be the way to go to get the length you need.

So here’s my bottom line. If you own multiple devices that require multiple cables to charge and sync them, invest $15.49 USD in the MobileFun’s 4-in-1 Charge And Sync Cable. This cable is ideal for travelers and once you have it, you’ll say “why didn’t someone come out with this before?”


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