In Depth: Dentons Canada Startup Program

Dentons Canada has a long history of guiding Canadian startups from two guys in a garage to an IPO. The firm has provided legal advice to venture-backed companies and venture capital investors, has acted for many of Canada’s leading startups, and has supported some of the biggest tech startup ventures in Canadian history. The new Dentons Canada Startup Program is a sophisticated approach to providing legal services to the newest generation of Canadian entrepreneurs. The Dentons Canada Startup Program provides an affordable and predictable fee arrangement for incorporation and access to a proprietary suite of legal documents and policies designed for startups and which are readily customizable, along with advice on intellectual property and licensing strategy by experienced practitioners. In addition to the extensive set of documents, startups get plugged into Dentons’ deep network of venture capitalist investors, advisory board members, and seasoned tech industry executives through Dentons offices across Canada and in global technology hubs including Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York, Boston and Berlin.

I spoke to Andre Garber, Director of the Dentons Canada Startup Program and found someone who is passionate about helping startup companies. My brief conversation with him told me that he and his team will bring Dentons valuable experience to help new ventures succeed. For example, something that we discussed is that companies don’t think what happens when you bring in am outside contractor like me to do work for them. Do they need to sign a NDA? Is there anything else they need to consider? These are the sort of issues that Dentons can help with.

Whether the aim is to launch and expand a new venture into the next technology giant or to successfully exit through IPOs or M&A transactions, Dentons can provide the legal guidance to help startups reach their goals. Check out which is Dentons microsite offering valuable practical advice on legal issues faced by the startup community. You can also check them out on Twitter @DentonsTech as well.

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