In Depth: Seclore

Pretend for a moment that your a decent sized business who has to share files such as PowerPoint documents to people inside your company and outside it. You may not know it, but the risks of sharing that data are huge. Someone could pass it along to your competitors, or leak it to the media, or just steal it and use it for their own financial gain. I can think other things that can happen, but they are all bad. And no business can afford to have any of this happen to them.

Seclore however says that you shouldn’t have to deal with these risks. Their technology which is in their flagship product FileSecure allows enterprises to exercise full control over access to confidential information, what someone can do with that information, how long they have access to it and even control where they can access it from. So you can share that PowerPoint file inside or outside your organization and be aware of what people are doing with it. For example, if someone attaches it to an e-mail, you’ll be notified. You can allow or revoke the right to edit it, or even destroy it if the person who has it doesn’t have a business need to have it anymore. Plus you can restrict where information can be used. For example, if you set a policy that restricts the use of that info to the office, and someone takes it home, they’ve not going to be able to use it. And you can do this on the fly. In other words, if you send out something today and three days from now you need to change some of the policies that govern that document, you can. One other thing to note is that all of this can be fully audited. That’s important to certain market segments such as governments how have to protect themselves from the next Edward Snowden and health care who have to worry about being HIPPA compliant.

So the bottom line is that Seclore brings “Mission Impossible” like technology to the enterprise.

Speaking of enterprises, they’ve got quite a few on their roster of clients. All have a serious need to protect their information. Plus they are a IBM Business Partner who has received Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India award for the second time this year in its three year history. If you need to protect your information, and quite frankly most of enterprises do, then you should look at Seclore to help you to protect your valuable information.

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