In Depth: SkiePhone

Michael Kirlew had a problem. He needed a business phone number that gave him a professional image by having things like personalized greetings, extensions and departments. It also had to allow him to forward numbers to his cell phone for example. But when he looked around for a service that would give him what he needed, none really fit his needs.

So he created one and it’s called SkiePhone (pronounced “sky-phone”). Here are the key features:


You can create custom call navigation menus as well as hours of operations.



You can easily route incoming calls to one or more people.


You can easily keep track of how much you’re spending.



And you can see how you’ve used the service. You also get these features as well:

  • SkiePhone works with any existing phone. Cell phones, landlines, etc.
  • It gives you a dedicated business number that gives you a professional image.

You get all of this for as little as $5 a month. That makes it perfect for startups and businesses who need to watch every penny.

Now the project is currently in a crowd funding stage via Indiegogo. The crowd funding campaign starts on Tuesday July 8th and you can join it by clicking here. During the Indiegogo campaign they will be asking funders for feedback on what other features they would like to see in SkiePhone. They will try to implement as many of those features as they can before launching SkiePhone in October 2014.

Oh, there will be SkiePhone swag as well.

After talking to Michael Kirlew about this project, I really feel that this is a product that will not only ship on time, but get noticed in the marketplace as he’s addressing a need that a lot of startup and small businesses have. I would advise that you keep an eye on SkiePhone. I truly believe that it’s really going to garner a lot of attention when it launches later this year.

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