In Depth: Fortissimo

According to a recent survey, 70% of large companies have no idea how many orphan, duplicate or “ghost” accounts are on their server and they have no idea how much money the waste on these accounts either. There’s two ways this hurts you. The first one is clear. It’s security. I’ve seen customers who have terminated employees and missed some account for some sort of service which leaves them wide open to some sort of attack. The second is financial. You might be paying for stuff that you are not using.

This is where Fortissimo comes in. Fortissimo is a software tool that acts as a gateway for the administrative and provisioning tasks organizations deal with on a daily basis. Creating, terminating and transferring of all business and social media accounts for employees.

Some key features of Fortissimo include:

  • Automates creation, termination and transfer of accounts.
  • Eliminating orphan accounts and reducing unnecessary subscriptions for staff accounts such as email, cloud computing and storage, video conferencing, cell phone, Avaya/Cisco and Salesforce, etc.
  • Manages user accounts in one central database.
  • Manages all phone and fax numbers and ranges.
  • Enforces and automates policies like password changes to improve security.
  • Enables auditing systems and reporting on all or selected accounts.

In short, Fortissimo bridges the gap between Human Resources and Information Technology departments by acting as a unified communications and provisioning management suite. Fortissimo acts as a gateway for the various applications and accounts used by staff and employees at medium to large organizations. That’s important because tools out there but they only serve their own applications. Fortissimo in effect is like the one ring of Lord Of The Rings. It is the one that rules them all. Plus it protects you from a security standpoint as well as saving you money. A win-win for any organization.

More information about Fortissimo is available from If you’re an IT Manager, you should take a serious look at Fortissimo to make your life simpler and more secure.


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