In Depth: Subaru EyeSight

“Safety shouldn’t only be for those who are affluent.”

Those words from a Subaru Canada rep at the Canadian International Auto Show really resonated with me because everyone should have the ability to get safety technology in their vehicles. I’ve tested cars with safety systems in them before, but what makes Subaru Eyesight different is the fact that it’s a cutting edge safety system that is available on pretty much everything Subaru makes. Here’s how it works.


If you look around the area of the rear view mirror, you’ll see two cameras. They’re stereoscopic cameras meaning that they see depth. If you’re wondering what that looks like to the EyeSight computer, here’s what it sees:


EyeSight processes two images to look at vehicles in front, as well as obstacles, traffic lanes and other potential hazards including people. The information is sent to the EyeSight computer, which is connected to the car’s braking system and throttle. If the system senses a collision is imminent, it will apply the brake, either mitigating or avoiding an accident all together. According to the Subaru Canada rep I spoke to, it works up to 50 km/h.

In addition, you can get blind spot detection on some Subaru vehicles which will warn drivers with a light in the mirror if the spot in the lane next to them is occupied. Plus there’s lane-change assist which will flash a light if you are about to change lanes and a car is approaching quickly. Finally, there’s rear cross traffic alert which uses rear-facing radar to detect cars approaching from behind or from the side as the driver backs out of a parking space.

All of this makes you safer, and that’s a good thing. But what’s better is that you can get Subaru EyeSight and the associated safety technology in whole or in part on every car Subaru makes from the Impreza all the way through to the Legacy. That means that you don’t have to spend luxury car money to be safe. Since this technology is more affordable, more people will drive vehicles equipped with it. That makes us all safer in the long run.

Kudos to Subaru for bringing safety to the masses.

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