My Trip To India And Australia: Part 2 – What Tech Am I Traveling With?

I’m starting to pack my bags for my two week trip to India and Australia. Now that I went through booking flights and getting my visas for both countries, I can talk about the tech that I am taking with me. Many things are going to be same as I documented here when I went to the U.K. last year. But I have made some changes:

IMG_0834This time I will be traveling with the Olixar Travel Adapter With 4 USB Ports as it will save me from having to use my MacBook Pro to keep my iPhone 5S, Belkin Travel Power Pack 9000, and my Blue Ant T1 Bluetooth Headset charged.



Now this case has a whole lot of stuff in it. Here’s a list of what I am taking starting from the top right inside the case:

  • Mini DisplayPort to VGA and DVI adapters from Apple
  • A Expert Island mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that I reviewed a while back.

Now outside the case from top right to bottom left:

  • Apple Remote
  • Lightning Cable
  • A Firewire 800 to Firewire 400 cable. Admittedly, I’m not sure why I am carrying it as nothing works with Firewire anymore.
  • A three in one cable that I got at a conference that has Micro USB, Apple 30 Pin and Apple Lightning connectors.
  • Three USB Sticks. One is blank, one has a bootable image of OS X Yosemite, one has a bootable DiskWarrior 5.0 image.
  • Two USB extenders to allow me to plug in bulky USB devices side by side to the two USB ports on my MacBook Pro.
  • Bytecc 4 port USB hub
  • Mini USB cable

Not making the trip this time are:

  • iKlear travel wipes and a microfiber cloth as I ran out of the travel wipes and won’t get around to getting more before I leave.
  • Multi-tools from Swiss Tech as I got hassled twice in airport security because of them. I have travelled with them before and never had an issue. But I don’t feel like taking a risk this time.

Not pictured is a Micro USB cable and a variety of other USB sticks with utilities for Mac and PC as well as blank USB sticks. You simply can’t have too many of those. Also of note, I will be upgrading my 250GB hard drive to 500GB as 250GB is no longer enough space to back up to. More on that in a second.

I’ll be away from home for two weeks, But I think I’m covered from a tech perspective.

Check back on Thursday where I will describe the process to building your own external hard drive. And on Friday I’ll document leaving Toronto to get to Dubai which is the first stop on my trip.



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