My Trip To India And Australia: Part 4 – Leaving Toronto

Today is the day, or evening as the case may be, to leave Toronto and fly to New Delhi India. Since I am the type to leave nothing to chance, I left at just before 5PM for a flight that is taking off at 9:40 PM.  Now I live very close to the airport, so I take public transit to get there as there is an express bus that goes to Pearson Airport from Kipling Subway Station which is close to my home. To see what time that bus arrives, I use an app called Transit which interfaces with the Toronto Transit Commission to show me accurate route and schedule info. It will also plot a route for me as well. It’s very handy and it saves me money as I don’t have to pay for a taxi or drive and park the car at the airport. The advantage of leaving home this early is that I was able to check in quickly and breeze through security. Speaking of the check in process, I am flying Emirates Airlines and I have to admit that this was the easiest and friendliest check in process I have ever experienced. Other airlines could take a few lessons from them. Speaking of checking in, I got a couple of e-mails asking me how I packed for 14 days away. This is what I am traveling with:


I somehow managed to get 13 days worth of business casual clothes as well as all the personal care items I will need for 13 days of travel. My laptop bag is on top slid through the handle so that I am only wheeling one thing through the airport.

I’m in Terminal 1 which is a very nice place to be. Though one thing that was not nice was the free WiFi that Pearson Airport offers. It was pretty spotty in Terminal 1. It took two reboots of my MacBook Pro to get it to connect and allow me to surf the Internet. Others around me had the same issue so I knew it wasn’t just me. Once I was able to connect, it was decent. This mirrored my experience when I traveled to the UK last year. This terminal had the same tablets that I saw the last time, and I leveraged them to order some coffee. It was delivered to my table within 10 minutes. One thing to note is that the system only takes debit and credit cards. If you want to pay cash, you’ll have to walk up to one of their restaurants and carry it back to your table. Speaking of my table, I should also note that I’m writing this blog entry from a table that has power and USB which makes it handy to keep your devices charged.

There was one other thing that I noticed in Terminal 1:


Best Buy clearly is aiming this at travelers who forgot some sort tech related item. It takes credit cards and seems to be easy to use. I bet Best Buy saves some bucks on employees with this setup as well.

My next stop is Dubai UAE. I’ll arrive on Saturday evening Dubai time and I will have a 90 minute layover before continuing to New Delhi India. I’ll post a report when I arrive in Dubai to let you know what the Dubai International Airport is like.



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